Gel Eye Mask

1 Aug

Sinus Mask by Elasto Gel

A Durable, High Quality Best Selling Sinus Mask.
Use Cold or Hot. Designed to relief sinus headaches and infections. Blue, Washable, One Size Fits All. Microwavable or Store in Freezer.

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Diane Gel Eye Mask

A Nice Looking Blue Eye Mask from Diane.
Adjustable Strap, Blue. Use Warm or Cold.

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MenScience Eye Gel Mask

A Men’s Eye Gel Mask For Revitalizing The Skin
An Eye Gel Mask for men. Designed to diminish lines and puffiness around the eyes. Use hot or cold. Combine with MenScience Eye Rescue Formula for best results.

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Soothing Gel Eye Mask from Dream Essentials

A Soothing and Cooling Eye Mask for Sunburn, Sinus Relief, Head Colds, and Puffy Eyes.
Aqua Blue, Beaded Cover Available. Heat in hot water, cool in refrigerator.

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TheraPearl Eyessential Cold Pack Eye Mask

A Flexible Eye Mask, Designed by a Doctor, for Headache Relief, Post Surgery Pain, and Inflammation Relief.
Compresses, Reusable, Use Hot or Cold, Non Toxic.

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Spa Gel Eye Mask from BathDlight

A Nice Yet Very Inexpensive Spa Gel Eye Mask
Adjustable, Designed for Sinus and Headache Relief. Small Design Covers the Eyes, Lightweight and Good for Traveling.

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Also available from Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

Gel Eye Mask Benefits – Why Wear One?

Eye masks are used in spas and homes all around the world. Gel eye masks benefits include:

  • revitalizing the skin around eyes
  • reducing dark circles under the eyes
  • diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • relief from sinus pressure
  • relief from headaches
  • reduced inflammation following surgery
  • general relaxation and stress relief

How To Use Your Mask

Using a gel eye mask is easy! Simply follow the directions that come enclosed with your specific eye mask. In general, you will find that the mask uses one or both of the following to provide relief and relaxation:

  • Heat Therapy: Gel Eye Mask is heated up to provide heat therapy. Be sure to follow directions to properly heat. Some masks can be microwaved and others only can be heated up through boiling in hot water or placing in hot water.
  • Cold Therapy: Gel Eye Mask is cooled to provide relief through cold therapy. Be sure to follow directions to properly cool mask. Some masks are designed only for refrigerator cooling and others are designed to stay in a freezer year round.

Masks may include a facial mask designed to act as a buffer between the skin and the hot / warm mask, but most are designed to rest gently and directly on skin.

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