GNC Products to Pass a Drug Test

28 May

If you are a concerned parent who is in the situation of enforcing a drug test on your teenaged children, be aware of the following products sold at GNC for passing a drug test.

These may also be bought online – typically for much cheaper than at GNC, too. Buying them online also makes it easier for your teenagers to privately buy GNC products to pass a drug test if they have a Paypal account or credit card and can access the mail before any adults in the house do.

GNC Products To Pass a Drug Test

GNC sells various “detox drinks” and “rapid flush” products that will clean out urine or a strand of hair (depending on the product) of all “environmental toxins.”

These products are hidden and must be asked for – certainly an awkward situation but one that usually doesn’t stop someone from pursuing under the threat of a home drug test. (But again, they can easily be bought online instead.)

A few of the common over the counter products sold at GNC for a drug test include:

1. P-Clean Drug Test Detox Capsules
This popular product has all good reviews and it most likely works for most people.

2. Total Eclipse GNC Detox Drink
No silly name or packaging on this one – just a straight up drink that does what it says. They also pills that are to be taken daily “just in case”.

Click to learn more about the 1 hour drink or the daily pills.

3. GHF Fast Flush
Another drink and it’s cheaper than most others too.

4. Oasis Detox Daily Cleansing Pills
Here’s another type of daily cleanser capsule.

5. The Oasis Hair Follicle Detoxification Shampoo
Hair tests are far more reliable and trustworthy than a urine sample, and it’s amazing that a shampoo like this exists. Frankly there’s a level of skepticism associated with this product and confirmation on it would be appreciated.

Note: for parents interested in administering at home hair follicle drug test, see this link. You can also buy at home drug testing products at Walgreens, Walmart, and Rite Aid. See the following pages for more information: home drug test Walgreens, home drug test Walmart, and home drug test Rite Aid for products, the lowest prices, and reviews.

6. Purified Instant Acting Drink
Yet another drink, this one even cheaper than the last.

A Quick FAQ

Do These Detox Drinks and Pills from GNC Actually Work?

Simply put – yes, they do.

How Do These Products Work?

It’s tough to say. There seems to be a lot of urban legends about the exact mechanisms, and certainly, the manufacturers are only ambivalent in the specifics of how it works. But generally it’s understood that detox drinks simply flood the system temporarily so that when a urine sample is taken, the true results are basically “over ridden” by the secret mechanisms of the detox drink.

I’m still looking for a more complete explanation of how they work – if you know, please leave a comment and explain how they work to pass a drug test.

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