Hey everybody, I’m back!

4 Oct

Hey everybody! I’m back from my trip to Belarus!

My wife and I made it home safe after a grueling 24 hours of security checkpoints, layovers, and 3 flights covering many thousands of miles.

The flights themselves offered one brilliant experience: that of watching the world that exists up in the sky, there in between the cities of clouds. The landscapes created by clouds was utterly beautiful and surreal and reminded me of a dream. I made a mental note to myself to come back to this wonderful world in a lucid dream and fly through all this beauty.

Traveling for 3 weeks definitely shook up the dream-maker inside my head!

I repeatedly had bizarre and complex dreams.

I also experienced 3 lucid dreams during these 3 weeks and many “semi-lucid” episodes.

Because I was sleeping in different and often uncomfortable beds, couches, or floors, I woke up more than usual throughout the night. Every time I fell back asleep, I used the opportunity to achieve lucidity by guiding my thoughts towards dreams and situations I intended to have. This method was successful in generating many small dream sequences with a certain amount of conscious awareness that I was dreaming, beyond the 3 “full-blown” lucid dreams I mentioned above.

Very cool stuff!

I often struggle with implementing induction methods but this one is so easy and straight forward, I’m psyched about where it will take my dreams.

One last bit in the “I’m back” post:

I read The Self-Aware Universe while traveling. This book is totally awesome and I highly recommend it for anyone with an interest in both science and spirituality.

A good summary of the book can be found here:

A Synopsis of Amit Goswami’s Theory of Physics and Psychic Phenomena.

For those interested in psychic phenomena, take note that his theory leaves room for a scientific explanation of experiences such as out of body experiences and for capabilities such as remote viewing and telepathy.By the way, if you’ve seen the movie What the Bleep, remember the older Indian scientist in the film talking about consciousness and physics? That’s him, the author of The Self Aware Universe, quantum physicist Amit Goswami.

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  1. Oneironaught October 4, 2007 at 3:55 pm #


    Glad you had a good time in Belarus and are now back home again. I’ve always found that travel ‘shakes up’ my dreaming too. Glad to see Dreaming Life back in action. Good dreaming!

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