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18 May

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Everything You Need to Know About At Home Drug Test Kits from Walgreens

Drug Testing Kits from Walgreens are now available for your privacy to use at home.

On this page we will take a look at all the available home drug test Walgreens sells.

The most popular at home drug test Walgreens sells is Quickscreen.

Quickscreen tests are available at most Walgreen shops in different versions, depending on the drug or substance being tested for, as well as how many drug tests need to be done.

Let’s take a look at each one of Quickscreens products.

Quickscreen At Home Drug Test Marijuana

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This kit from Walgreens is made specifically for at home marijuana testing.

It contains a single use device that will test for marijuana within minutes.

How Does It Work?
The Quickscreen At Home Marijuana Test measures for levels of THC at 50 ng/ml. This is the standard for most drug tests. Please note that military testing or other extremely high profile tests may be as stringent as 15 ng/ml. However, the standard for testing is 50 ng/ml, exactly the level that this kit and nearly every drug testing facility will be measuring.

Is it Accurate?
The product is 99.9% accurate – which means it’s just as accurate and reliable as similar yet more expensive systems employed by doctors, hospitals, and drug testing clinics. In fact, some labs use the exact same testing procedure when conducting pre-employment drug screenings for prospective employees or for testing substance abuse in youth/juvenile facilities. Parents are able to use this test in the comfort of their own home to detect if their child has recently used marijuana.

How Much Does It Cost?
The Quickscreen Walgreens at home drug testing kit sells for $15 to $25. This price makes for a very cheap at home drug test.

Where Can I Buy It Online?
Click here to buy this product online.

Also, before buying this you might be interested to read comments and reviews from people who used it..


Quickscreen At Home Drug Test Cocaine

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This at home drug testing kit Walgreens sells specifically for cocaine.

The kit contains a single use device which will give results in minutes.

How does it work?
Instructions are included which you should refer to but essentially you will perform the test and minutes later you will either see or not see a line on the testing strip. The presence of this line indicates that you passed.

How reliable are the results?
The results are 99.9% accurate – just as good as a test available from doctors, clinics, and hospitals, yet comparatively cheap.

How much does it Cost?
The Walgreens at home drug test for cocaine sells for $13 to $17 US. This makes for a very cheap at home drug test.

Where can I buy it online?
Click here to buy it online.


Additionally, Walgreens sells a more expensive kit which we will now discuss. It is called the “Biosciences HairConfirm Hair Drug Test Kit.” (Whew, what a mouthful!)


Biosciences HairConfirm Hair Multi-Drug Test Kit

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This is the second type of at home drug test Walgreens sells. It’s from Biosciences and is a much more “hardcore” test in that it is a hair follicle test, not a simple urine test.

What You Should Know About the HairConfirm At Home Test from Walgreens:

Multiple Drugs are Tested at a Mail in Facility
It test for multiple drugs – marijuana/weed, coke, opiate, amphetamines, meth, MDMA/ectsacy, and PCP – and it does so by mailing in the results for testing to a laboratory. Once the hair is mailed in via a prepaid postage envelope, the results can be obtained by plugging in a test code on the website to see the results.

Increased Results for Marijuana
For marijuana testing, the results will relay if the test subject is an occasional smoker, weekend or daily smoker, or a constant smoker.

How much does it cost?
Walgreens drug test from Bioscience cost $60.

Can I buy it online?
Yes. Click here to buy it online for a better price.

Please leave a comment with your experience buying and using any at home drug test Walgreens sells.

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