Insomnia Tablets

27 May

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Looking for insomnia tablets? As someone who has suffered from insomnia and sleep problems for much of my life, here’s what I recommend. These tablets and methods are effective for insomnia and sleep problems in general.

1. Melatonin

Melatonin is an amazing. It’s something that many people swear by – myself included. I find it highly effective for fighting insomnia, helping me relax and fall asleep. It’s often taken when flying and adjusting to a new time zone as well and to counter the side effects of sleep deprivation while traveling – something I’ve never tried out, but do find interesting.

If you are looking for insomnia tablets, my number one choice to help you fall asleep is simple: take natural, healthy melatonin.

Coming soon: detailed articles on melatonin dosage and siblingual melatonin.

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2. Deep Breathing

It sounds cheesy and like it came from a New Age class, but so be it.

Taking focused, deep breaths has a powerful effect on the body and the mind. One of the most effective things I personally can do to help me asleep is to simply take a step back mentally, and then focus on my breath.

I often work a simple method of taking breaths while counting to ten. If I get off and find myself thinking about something else – which I always do – I simply start back at breath number one.

3. Visualization and Full Body Relaxing

This method involves intentionally and slowly relaxing your body. Everytime I do visualization technique, I’m shocked at it’s effects. Quite literally, I feel warmth and relaxation over my body.

How to do it:

Slowly, methodically, and only carrying with it one thing: relaxation and sleep. First, it hits the bottom of your legs, resting over your feet, then up to your knees. Finally, it moves up to your chest, shoulders, and head. Slowly. Allow yourself to feel this energy as it relaxes each part of your body. If you carry pain in back or other body part, visualize this energy there for a moment longer, allowing it to relax this pain, and erase it was ease.

One you feel properly relaxed, go back to taking deep breathes. Repeat.

Again, I find amazing results doing this to relax my body.

Insomnia tablets such as melatonin combined with focused breathing and relaxed visualization can have amazing results in allowing the body and mind to sleep. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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