Kids Alarm Clock

25 Jul

Hot Wheels Kids Alarm Clock Radio

Awesome Hot Wheel Design That Car Crazy Kids Will Love.
Alarm Clock, AM/FMRadio, Red/Black Design, Snooze, Car Wheel Volume Control, Easy to Use Buttons and Control. Plugs in to wall but also includes battery backup so it a power outtage won’t effect alarm.

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OK To Wake Kids Alarm Clock and Nightlight

Clever color changing alarm clock that teaches kids when its okay to get out of bed.
LCD screen makes funny faces, alarm clock timer, nap timer, snooze function, pink or green face plates for boys or girls.

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Kid’Sleep Classic Alarm Clock

Teaches Kids When To Get Up.
Pink or Blue Design, includes night light, wake up indicator, and optional bird chipping alarm clock. No batteries required. Pictures light up to let kids know if it’s time to get out of bed or stay in bed longer.

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Littlest Pet Shop Alarm Clock

Cute Animal Clock with Pet Sound Effects
Pet Sound Effects, Easy to Set Up, LCD display, Snooze, Alarm Clock, Snuggle n Snooze. Alarm consists of cute animal sounds. Great item for Littlest Pet Shop fans.

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Thomas and Friends Alarm Clock

Classic Alarm Clock Design with Thomas and Friends.
Easy to Read Clock for Kids, Battery Operated (1 AAA battery needed), Colorful Design, Traditional Alarm with Two Bells and a Hammer on Top.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

Fantastic Darth Vader Figure Clock for Stars Wars Fans.
Lego Kids brand Star Wars alarm clock, Digital Clock Display, Alarm, Snooze, Darth Vader Figure Stands 8 Inches Tall, Moveable Arms and Legs, Red Glow Display Turns On When You Press His Head AKA The Snooze Button.

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Flower Fairies Friends Alarm Clock

An Adorable Pink Fairies Alarm Clock.
Pink, Stands on Metal Legs, 5.5 inches Tall, Battery Operated, Uses 1 AA Battery, Classic Design with Twin Bell Alarms.

Click here to buy or read reviews for the Flower Fairies Friends Alarm Clock.

T Rex Talking Dinosaur Alarm Clock

Classic Design with a Talking Dinosaur Alarm Clock.
Makes Really Loud Dinosaur Sounds to Wake Up The Heaviest ofS Sleepers, Battery Operated, Runs on 3 AAA Batteries – Included, 7 Inches Tall, Traditional Double Bell Design.

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