Kids Night Lights: 14 Awesome Designs for Kids Bedrooms

14 Aug

Superman Night Light

This night features a sweet looking Superman logo. It also has an automatic light sensor so you never have to turn it on or off.
Light bulb included, of course.

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Spiderman night Light

Very unique design featuring a good ol’ Spidey with his arms crossed. The bulb is kinda hard to replace, but that’s a small price to pay for such a sweet Spiderman design.

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Here’s a second Spiderman nightlight, this one with a sleek circular design.

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Sock Monkey Night Light

OMG Look at it. You know you love it.

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Giraffe Night Light

Cute giraffe design, made with acrylic AND ships in a gift box. Oh yea!
Part of the MONKEEZ line.

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Snoopy Night Light

It’s impossible to go wrong with SNOOPY and WOODSTOCK. I mean, look how happy they look!

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Race Car Night Light

Plugs in from the back so it looks like it’s racing out of the wall!

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24k Gold Unicorn Night Light

A Unicorn Night Light Dipped in Gold? Yep!

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Butterfly Night Lights

Here are two really cool butter night light designs, great for any kid who loves butterflys or fairies!

This is pretty amazing – here we have a butterfly nightlight that a pink, colorchanging fiber optic design.

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The Blue Butterfly & Gerber Daisy Night Light – Hand Painted, Highly Detailed.

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Disney Cars Night Light

The Disney Cars Night Light uses LED lights which means you never have to change any light bulbs. It’s a “smart” light in that you don’t have to adjust it either – it will naturally glow brighter as a room gets dark, and naturally lower it’s level of light during the day. Pretty sweet gift for any kid into Disney Cars.

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Spongebob Night Light

A happy lookin’ Sponge Bob Square Pants night light.

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Winnie the Pooh Night Light

This Winnie the Pooh kids night light uses high quality art and has a sensor to turn light on only when needed.

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Kids Night Lights: What Matters, What Doesn’t

The most important thing you should look for when buying kids night lights is simple: get a night light of something the kid loves! His or her favorite cartoon, toy, or animal make excellent choices for buying a kids night light.

For really young children, you need to make sure the produt has no removable parts. Be sure to read the description for each product as it should clarify if this is the case.

If you’re looking to buy a long lasting light, I’d suggest you look for the following features:

  • LED lights. This means you don’t have to deal with changing the light bulb. Ever. You also use less energy. This is particularly good if you need a glow or soft light but not a necessarily overly bright light in your kids bedroom.
  • Light Sensor. Lights that have some kind of sensor are ideal for hallways are other areas where children need light walking by. For bedrooms they’re good too but a light with a switch might be best so that it can stay on all night long.
  • Easy to Use On / Off Switch. Lights with an switch or button for turning them on or off are great for keeping on all night long but not wasting light during the day. Before you buy a sensor, consider if your child is going to need a light to stay on without motion. Many kids want a night light on all night long without having to trigger it.
  • Easily Replaceable Bulb. If you want a night light that’s going to last, take note of the bulb type. Is it easily replaceable?

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