Link-O-Rama: Dream Machines, Erowid, DMT, and…aliens?

22 Apr

Thought it’d be fun to share with ya’ll the most interesting websites I’ve been perusing lately. If people seem to enjoy this I will do it regularly.

So here’s some cool links I’ve found recently….

Let’s start with DMT, Moses, and the Quest for Transcendence. In case the title isn’t weird enough for you, how about I give you a quote from the top of the page: “DMT in the pineal glands of Biblical prophets gave God to humanity and let ordinary humans perceive parallel universes.”


Here’s a weird story on Erowid about a guy who makes a “dream machine”. What’s a dream machine? Good question – unfortunately all we have to work with is that it’s made from “an old record player, posterboard, and a bright light.” And oh yeah – don’t forget to add drugs!

While you’re there on Erowid, check out there Sensory Deprivation Vault.

Also see the Devices Experience Report main page for about a dozen interesting user stories on mind machines and magnetic brain stimulation, with a few illicit drugs thrown into the experience.

Hats of to Zen and the Art of Dreaming for pointing me to 2 awesome links recently:

First we got a lucid dreaming book based on this website. This stuff is way to good to be collecting dust – what happened?

That page might be dead but the same guy is also doing a kickass job on his link page.

Did you know Fred Alan Wolf has his own blog, too?

My friend Manuel has been doing lots of dream bloggin on myspace. He has a refreshing simple approach that I like.

And while you’re on myspace, check out this blog too!

2 Responses to “Link-O-Rama: Dream Machines, Erowid, DMT, and…aliens?”

  1. Jose P. May 20, 2007 at 9:13 pm #

    Hello again dear friend. Thought I’d tell ya about this book Food of the Gods, by Terrence McKenna. Check it out if ya haven’t already. McKenna was considered a modern day Tim Leary and has very interesting, although sometimes incredulous, ideas of drug-use (psychotropics mostly) and their history in connection with human life and human evolution through time.

  2. Ben May 20, 2007 at 10:55 pm #

    I’ve tried finding his books at my local library but they don’t carry them. I’ve seen some of his stuff on YouTube though – like a long, strange, psychedelic video about tripping on DMT, with monotone narration courtesy of Terrence McKenna himself. It’s pretty out there, but then again, that goes with the subject matter.

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