Liquid Melatonin

3 Aug

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Liquid Melatonin Benefits

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of melatonin, and particularly taking it as a liquid supplement, also referred to as sublingual melatonin.

Melatonin is an effective sleep aid. Melatonin is widely regarded as safe and effective sleep aid. It’s not addictive or habit forming. It’s also inexpensive and widely available in the United States. The FDA does not regulate its sale as it’s considered a supplement, not a drug, thus it’s available for sale without a prescription.

Drowsiness comes on faster. The liquid form of melatonin will be absorbed into the body faster versus a capsule. This means you may feel the effects of drowsiness in 10 or 15 minutes with liquid melatonin versus 30 to 60 minutes with melatonin in capsule form, which has to be broken down by the digestive system first, thus taking longer.

You can easily take it without water. This is beneficial for people who simply dislike taking pills and for frequent travelers who might want to keep a small vial of liquid melatonin on hand when traveling.

Can easily be added to food or drinks. This can be especially helpful for getting kids to take it without the problems normally associated with kids and medicine. Note however that there are some concerns about using melatonin supplements on children, particularly liquid. You should discuss with your pediatrician if melatonin is appropriate for your child to use as a sleep aid or jet lag cure.

Liquid Melatonin Dosage

Dosage is the same for melatonin whether it’s in liquid or capsule form. Individuals vary in their response to taking melatonin, but when used as a sleep aid, it’s common to use 1mg to 3mg.

Interestingly, some studies suggest that dosages as small as .03mg are as effective as 3mg for improving sleep. You can read the study’s abstract here for more information.

Liquid Melatonin Safety Precautions

Safety precaution specifics to liquid melatonin:

Use care to take the proper dose. As opposed to taking melatonin capsules, when it’s in a dropper it can be easier to take more than intended. When using a dropper or other form of liquid, use caution is extracting exactly the amount you intend to take as it can be easy to automatically squeeze out more than you wanted.

Keep in mind drowsiness will come on faster with a liquid versus pills. As you are probably aware, the liquid form of melatonin will be taken in by the body faster than a pill, which will make you drowsy sooner. Obviously you should not be driving or operating machinery anyway after taking melatonin in any form, but keep in mind that the effects do come on sooner this way.

Safety Precautions specific to melatonin, including in liquid form:

The FDA has not specifically reviewed melatonin. This means there is no official FDA safety guidelines nor official FDA review of its effectiveness as a sleep aid.

Side Effects. Possible Unwanted Side Effects Include: Upset Stomach, Stomach Cramps, Bad Dreams or Vivid Dreams, Headaches, Hormone Fluctuations.

Nothing on this page is intended as medical advice. You should always talk to your doctor about any medications or supplements you are taking.


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