My Erowid Extracts newsletter just came in the mail…

20 Nov

Yesterday I received a treat in the mail – my copy of Erowid’s members only newsletter, Erowid Extracts. This issue discusses tobacco in a sacred context, has articles on absinthe and ayahausca, book reviews, and some other tidbits. It also came with a small comic-book!

One of my favorite parts of the newsletter is the website statistics, showing how many visitors the site gets, what’s most popular, and so on.

Erowid is getting an amazing 50,000+ visitors each day. These statistics are coupled with member stats, showing how many members they have, country by country.

There’s about 1300 members currently.

How awesome is it that such a small number of people make Erowid’s 46,658 pages on psychoactives available for an estimated 6 million visitors in 2007?

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to financially contribute to the dialogue about psychoactives, consider joining Erowid.

PS Donate enough money and you’ll get a hand-made glass molecule of DMT, LSD, MDMA, Psilocin, Nitrous Oxide, Tryptamine, and Serotonin. I wish I had enough money to donate to get one of these!

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