My September Goals: Let’s See What A Little Public Accountability Will Do….

1 Sep


Sharing my goals publicly is something new for me that I think will be interesting and rewarding to try. Public accountability and social support count for a lot, so let’s see how this all pans out and maybe it will be beneficial to keep doing this.

I’ll get right to it.

September Goals

1. Be active for 30 minutes every day.
Whether it’s jump roping, running, walking, lifting weights, or doing yoga – I will be active for a minimum or 30 minutes each day.

2. Publish 88,000 words online – either on my websites or to support my websites.
I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on Dreaming Life, but my career ambition is to make a living writing and publishing content online. About a year and half ago I committed to making this dream a reality and have worked on it part time to full time ever since.

At the end of July, after a depressing drop in my online income (read: over 50%), I decided to buckle up and commit to publishing 150,000 words as part of the TKA Summer Rush program put on my mentors and friends at The Keyword Academy. I joined a month late, published 62,000 words in August, and need to publish 88,000 words in September to meet my goal here. This is going to stretch me but I have to do it.

3. Transfer $500 into my savings account.

4. Break the habit of hitting snooze on my alarm.
I’ve indulged for far too long in the habit of hitting snooze on my alarm clock over and over and over…it’s something you can get away with quite easily if you’re single and won’t annoy the living shit out of anyone doing so. (Except for yourself.) This bad habit has got to go.

5. Brush my teeth twice a day.
Oh man – am I really sharing this goal with you publicly? I swear now that I’ve written this here, it will be a cold day in hell before I brush my teeth only one time in a day.

I will post an update to my goals at the end of September.

Photo by Ben Jacobs.

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  1. Pro November 8, 2010 at 12:12 am #

    Be careful to only brush your teeth with paste or whatever 1 time per day and the other time with water or hydrogen peroxide or something “soft” like dentizyme or peppermint oil so you won’t destroy your enamel. If you haven’t felt like brushing them, it’s probably cause your unconscious mind is trying to save your teeth, so a simple expansion of awareness will fix that.

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