OOBE’s the Scientific Way: With Goggles, Cameras and Mannequins

2 Dec

It's Raining Me by Natura Pagana

It's Raining Me by Natura Pagana


New Scientist published an interesting article today titled Swapping Your Body Becomes a Virtual Reality.

It wasn’t too long ago that researchers published results suggesting how capable the brains is at projecting an Out of Body experience, using similar techniques with camera goggles attached to a person’s face giving them a view originating elsewhere. (Read the old news article on this story here.)

But in this case, the subjects weren’t tricked into having the sensation that their consciousness was outside their body in a point in space, but that another body was their body. In this case, it was a mannequin.

On the weird-o-meter, researchers get extra points for this exercise: (emphasis is mine)

The scientists also mounted the camera onto a second person’s head in order to test whether subjects could perceive someone else’s body as their own. When the two turned to shake each other’s hand, the subject perceived the camera-wearer’s body as their own, giving the sensory impression of shaking hands with themselves.

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