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15 Aug

At Home Oxycodone Drug Test Kits

The following at home drug testing kits test specifically for oxycodone.

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Oxycodone and Drug Tests

This page discusses oxycodone and drug tests. This includes questions and answers about how long oxycodone stays in urine, if it shows up on standard drug tests, how long it’s detectable via different testing methods (hair, saliva, urine), and more.

Also called: Percocet, Percodan, OxyContin, Roxicodone.

Oxycodone Drug Test Basics

Drug Classification: Opiate
Detectable in Standard Urine Tests: No
Detectable in Other Urine Tests: Yes
Detection Rate in Urine: 3-4 Days
Included in OTC home drug testing kits: Sometimes
Source: Erowid.org

Let’s expand on each one of these points.

Opiates, Oxycodone and Drug Tests
Oxycodone is an opiate and if you look at just about test that’s designed to look for more than one drugs (such as a 6 Panel Drug Test,) it will include opiate.

Most testing companies include opiates as standard fare for drug tests do so in an effort to detect more well known opiates such as heroin and codeine. The tests were designed specifically to look for the trail of evidence from these two drugs, which means detecting morphine metabolites in the urine.

In the case of oxycodone, however, when it breaks down into morphine, it’s in a very small amount that often remain undetected either by the first test or the second test (more on this later.)

Standard Tests Versus More Extensive / Expensive Tests
Or – EMIT Urine Tests VS GC MS Drug Testing

A standard urine test is usually an immunoassay drug test, specifically an EMIT test. They are relatively cheap and can be thought of as a kind of “front line” for conducting massive drug tests. When a company, be it in the private sector or something like probation alcohol testing conducted by the state, needs to drug test people, and lots of them, the tests are usually immunoassay EMIT tests. Because of the high error rate of false positives when it comes to the EMIT, when results come back positive for a drug the sample is typically double checked using a more precise – and expensive method – called “gas chromatography mass spectrometry,” AKA a gc ms drug test.

So what does all of this have to do with oxycodone drug tests?

This is where it gets tricky and unfortunately stressful for many people taking the test trying to understand what will happen.

For kids taking a urine drug test given to them by their parents, if the packaging includes opiates but doesn’t specifically mention oxycodone, then the test is unreliable as far as noting oxycodone and it may or may not detect it. But, if it’s a product that specifically looks for prescription opiates, which are available as home drug tests, then it will be able to detect oxcodone.

For adults taking drug tests for a job or for probation, taking a standard urine test, again, could flag a positive result for oxycodone. However – and this is the tricky part – as mentioned above, typically when a urine test shows a positive result for a drug, a second test via GC/MS is done to check it. Ironically, these tests often don’t look for oxycodone, only heroin and codeine, and so they will not find oxycodone, and a person who failed the urine test will often pass the overriding GC MS test.

Note: My source on this is here from Erowid. That information is from 2002. If anyone has any updates information or experience related to this point, please clarify in the comments.


Oxycodone Drug Test Detection Rates

What’s the cut off level for Oxycodone in a drug test?

It depends on the product or the lab and ranges anywhere 100 ng/ml to 300 ng/ml. For example, Quest Diagnostics has a test specifically designed for detecting oxycodone with a cut off level of 100 ng/ml.

How long does oxycodone stay in urine?

About 3-4 days.

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