Dream #9: Dreamsigns & The Hilarity of How Dreams Mock Us

13 Jul

Photo by Ben

I’ve noticed before how my intentions with my own dreams often strike back in clever ways. view full post »

Dream #8: The Exorcist

12 Jul

Art by Ben | Copyright 2010 | Dreaming Life

Lots of people have their personal nightmare; you know, the one that re-occurs overs the years, the one that horrifies them to the core, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem very scary when talking about it. view full post »

Dream #6: Dreams of Being Other People

10 Jul

Untitled Art by Ben | Copyright 2010 | Dreaming Life

Having a dream where you are simultaneous you but also someone else is such a strange yet common occurrence. view full post »

Dream #3: A Dream of Astral Traveling

7 Jul

Photo by Ben

Whenever I have a dream where I experience a small level of conscious awareness (or lucidity, if you will), and am able to think about the fact that I’m dreaming and do a few interesting things – often consisting of marveling at my hands and putting them through objects – when I wake up, I […]

Becoming a Minimalist: Thoughts on Owning Less and Living More

4 Jul

Part I: “The Things You Own, Ending Up Owning You.” While I don’t even own all that much stuff already, I feel there’s always room for improvement to own less. 🙂 view full post »

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self – 3 Questions for author Robert Waggoner

27 Jan

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner

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Floatation Tank Experience Report – My First Time in an Isolation Tank / Sensory Deprivation Tank

26 Aug

Shortly after reading Lilly’s book, I discovered that someone in my own town has a floatation tank in their home which they rent out to curious folks like myself, in 90 minute sessions. I’ve just gotten out about 90 minutes ago. Here is my report of that session. view full post »

Isolation Tanks and the Potential For Lucid, Trippy, Self Transformative Experiences

20 Aug

I’ve been fascinated with the thought of floating around in an isolation tank ever since I first saw the film Altered States ten years ago. view full post »

A Book Review of Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna

14 Aug

Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna

  The Food of the Gods, by Terence McKenna, is the story of humanities relationship with different plants and how these relationships effect and reflect our cultural values. view full post »

Interesting quote from Richard Bach

17 Jun

nature by Wiberg

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