Alpha Meditation

10 Aug

Alpha brainwave activity is associated with meditation, visualization, focused yet relaxed attention, and a peaceful sense of well being. Below you’ll find a number of alpha meditation products – CDs, DVDs, mind machines, mp3 downloads, etc, as well as a closer look at meditation and the alpha state. – Alpha Meditation: CD and DVD Products […]

Free Binaural Beats on Youtube

9 Aug

After putting together the No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats, it occurred to me that there are a number of people uploading binaural beat mp3s to Youtube, coupled with trippy, psychedelic graphics. I’ve never spent too much time watching these videos in the past because I want to do 2 things always when doing […]

The No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats

9 Aug

Photo by Gisela Giardino Due to the number of similar lists online that are total crap, I am making what I call the… No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats. If any of the links turn spammy or sketchy, let me know and I will remove it. Please add more places, tips, etc in the […]

Drug Testing Facts

8 Aug

This is what lab techs are doing with your urine samples. :)

Cheating is Widespread While there’s no official numbers nor any real way to determine how many people are fooling drug tests, two figures available do point to how widespread and normal it is for people to “cheat” on their drug test: In June 2010, a county program in Oregon responsible for dealing with drug tests […]

Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

7 Aug

A Review of Different Pillows Ideal for Stomach Sleepers Pillows for stomach sleepers? OH MAN – what a great idea this is. And perfect for gifts. =) Even though it tends to be uncomfortable for me (only because my back hurts already), when lying in bed at night I often have an irrestible urge to […]

Toddler Pillow

6 Aug

Toddler Pillow

Feel Free to Browse ALL toddler pillows by CLICKING HERE. Toddler Pillow A Best Selling Child/Toddler Pillow 14 inches by 20 inches, perfect size for toddlers and kids. Cotton/polyester Cover and 100% polyester fiberfill inside. Compatible with all AB Lifestyles Toddler Sheet Set pillowcases. Click HERE To Buy or Read Reviews Hyperoallergenic Toddler Pillow A […]

6 Panel Drug Test

5 Aug

What Drugs Are Tested For in a 6 Panel Test? The standard 6 panel drug test will start with the following 4 substances: marijuana, cocaine, and meth, amphetamines. Then you’ll find some variation as to what the remaining 2 drugs are. It’s usually two from this list: PCP, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, and Ecstacy (MDMA). Here’s a […]

Body Pillow

5 Aug

Body Pillow

Feel free to Browse ALL Body Pillows by Clicking Here Between $25-$50 | Best Selling Body Pillows Newpoint 100% Cotton Body Pillow A Lucscious Body Pillow – A Best Seller! 20 inches long, 54 inches wide and 5 inches tall, 235 Thread Count 100% Cotton White Cover, Hypoallergenic Polyester Fiber fill, Machine Washable. Click Here […]

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

4 Aug

Click HERE to Buy or Read Reviews of the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Why I Love The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Here’s what people say about the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow: “Cradles my head and neck perfectly and keeps my spine aligned as I move around at night in my sleep.” “Great for side sleepers.” “Very comfy all […]

CVS Drug Test

4 Aug

If you would like to buy any CVS drug test kit, you may do so below by clicking on the link or the photo of the product. These drug testing kits are available at all CVS pharmacies without a prescription. They are primarily used by parents who wish to private conduct a drug test privately […]

Sleep Addiction and Oversleeping

4 Aug

What is Sleep Addiction? “Sleep addiction” is sometimes used to describe a persons behavior who sleeps too much and seems unable or unwilling to change their sleeping patterns. The phrase itself is not used professionally nor is there an addiction or disorder that goes by the same name. It is not recognized as a physical […]

GC MS Drug Test

3 Aug

Welcome to the GC MS Drug Test guide. Most every thing out there on the internet about GC/MS drug testing is based on a small section of a 1998 FAQ written by Justin Gombos, currently archived at Erowid. You will quickly see again and again the same information copied verbatim from this guide on various […]