Part 4 : An Interview with Rob Bryanton of Imagining the 10th Dimension – drugs and the tenth dimension

1 May

Rob BryantonThe forum on your website has a section devoted to altered states and the use of psychoactive substances. Why do you think so many people make the connection between the ideas in your book and the altered states available to us through drug use? What role, if any, has the use of psychoactive substances played in the formulation of your ideas about reality and the 10 dimensions?

Honestly, I was unprepared for that turn of events, but I find it fascinating. I have no experience with hallucinogens myself, and I feel a little edgey that some younger people will draw the conclusion that you have to take drugs to understand my way of imagining the dimensions, which is certainly not the case. As I say in the heading for the Altered States area: “My fascination is with the relationship between the mind and what we experience as reality, and the indications that we as quantum observers could actually be creating our own reality from the indeterminate wave of the multiverse. I am also very interested in the indications that meditation could indeed be a way for us to manipulate our reality with nothing more than the power of the mind, which is why I believe that is part of the same discussion.”

So, while I am grateful to hear from people who have danced out to the edges of human perception and brought some useful insights back for the rest of us, I don’t want to be placed in the position of condoning the use of illegal substances. My response regarding all hallucinogens has been the same, but it bears repeating here. You do not have to take hallucinogens to understand my concept of the ten dimensions. I have never taken a hallucinogen of any kind, and I want that to be very clear to anyone visiting this site. I am definitely not wanting to be placed in a position where visitors to this site (and in particular younger visitors, of course) think that this is all just about drugs.

Having said that, it appears that the way of imagining the higher dimensions we are discussing here could well be intimately tied to the mind, to perception, and to the connection between our roles as conscious observers and the reality that each of us are observing… which could explain why meditation, trance states induced by music or ritualized movement, and hallucinogens all have been brought forth by visitors to this forum as ways of helping people to see the higher dimensions. I find it fascinating that many people see spiritual ramifications to the image of reality that I am presenting, even though that is not an overt message here. In a more general sense (as I have said before) it is appearing that what I am presenting here seems to be somewhat of a mirror, where many people can see aspects of their own unique belief systems reflected in the animation and the book.

Isn’t it also interesting that out of all the comparisons people have drawn in this forum – no one has mentioned alcohol as a way to see the higher dimensions? There’s a conspiracy idea for you – the reason alcohol has been defined by western society as an acceptable mood/perception altering drug is because it is useless for seeing/understanding the higher dimensions.

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  1. KeNt May 8, 2007 at 3:26 am #

    I enjoyed the portion regarding drugs and the tenth dimension. Very interesting!

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