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8 Jun

Piracetam: What Is It?

Piracetam is a smart drug (also called a “nootropic”) associated with a number of cognitive and memory health benefits.

While prescribed and/or having it’s benefits associated with certain medical conditions (epilepsy, aphasia, alcholism, alzheimers, parkinson’s), its popularity is primarily due to healthy individuals interested in “smart drugs” who take it a supplement.

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Benefits of Piracetam

Piracetam bulk powder as well as pills and capsules are available.

The following reasons are cited by those supplementing with piracetam:

  • Improved Memory
  • Improved Cognitive Task Functioning
  • Improved Attention
  • Improved Ability to Concentrate

As you can see, the reasons people take it all are connected to improved brain functioning.

Dosage Information

Individuals report supplementing with dosages anywhere between 400mg to 4800mg. This is a very wide range, naturally leading to a question about side effects.

Side Effects of Piracetam

In some individuals, this nootropic supplement may cause an upset stomach.

Otherwise, this substance is “amazingly tolerated in humans through a wide range of doses”. (Source 1)

Source 1: Erowid Piracetam FAQ: http://www.erowid.org/smarts/piracetam/piracetam_faq.shtml

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Buying Piracatem Bulk Powder

Thank god for the internet.

Yes, you can this smart drug in bulk (via powder, capsules, or pills) at any vitamin shop (GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe) or natural health food store (Whole Foods) but thanks to sites like Amazon (as well as independent retailers), you can get it for much cheaper online.

Click here to find the lowest price on bulk piracetam supplements.

Why Bother Buying in Bulk?
If an individuals is supplementing daily with this smart drug, buying is bulk made sense. Why?

  • Buying piracetam in bulk obviously saves money. Obviously something we are all interested in.
  • Buying bulk piractem ensures a long term supply. This is especially important if you are into nootropics for “the long term” and don’t want to risk taking something just a couple weeks and then running out, thus not making a habit out of it.

Side Note: Piracetam and Lucid Dreams

Readers interested in dreams may be interested in knowing that piracetam is taken as part of a lucid dreaming supplement regime. Gaining popularity since the release of the book Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplements, which clearly spelled out how to properly take this substance in combination with others for lucid dreaming purposes.

For more information, see our lucid dreaming category.

An Interesting Video on Smart Drugs

This video is NOT on piracetam specifically, buy I think you’ll find it interesting nevertheless. It’s about college kids taking drugs like ritalin in order to concentrate and get stuff done. Is it abuse? It’s definitely not the same as supplementing with piracetam, but it brings up an interesting point about the line between smart drugs and prescription drugs illegaly used basically for the same purpose – improved focus and attention. What do you think?

Unfortunately, embedding has been disabled on this video so you’ll have to go to youtube to watch it.

More Information>

For a general overview of this fascinating smart drug, see the Wikipedia Piracetem page.

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