Raw Food Journal: Day 10 of 10

1 May

Raw Vegan Cake

Raw Vegan Cake


A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 10!

Here’s everything I ate on my last day of eating 100% raw foods.

Meal 1

Meal 2
Salad Greens w/ 1/8 cup pepita seeds, 1 TSP olive, basil, cilantro, roma tomato

Meal 3
2 cups grapes
2 sprouted crackers

Meal 4
1 apple

Meal 5
2 servings guacamole salad
2 lettuce wraps
2 pieces of walnut raisin vanilla cream cake
5 walnut medjoon date truffles


I made it!

I went out with a bang today eating a big meal with friends. We had a vegan potluck and people were kind enough to make some raw dishes. I made a raw foods cake – something totally new for me, as I never baked desserts before and this was the first time doing something like this raw-style. It was a lot of fun to prepare and share. Raw desserts are definitely interesting and I can see a lot of potential for really rich and tasty raw cakes, bars, and pies.

Tomorrow I’m going to write up a proper post on the whole 10 day experience of eating 100% raw foods. It’s been great. Stay tuned.

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