Raw Food Journal: Day 2 of 10

23 Apr

Raw Walnut Pate Sandwich, Raw Tabouli, and Raw Almond Cookies

Raw Walnut Pate Sandwich, Raw Tabouli, and Raw Almond Cookies

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 2

Here’s the log of all what I ate today:

Meal 1
2 bananas w/ 1 TBSP almond butter
black tea

Meal 2
walnut pate sandwich
3 clementines

Meal 3
cup of carrots w/ mock sour cream chive dip
acai blueberry green tea
almond cookie

Meal 4
2 cups spinach
dab of walnut pate
dab of mock chive dip
cilantro + parsley

Meal 5
2 clementines

Meal 6
walnut pate sandwich
cranberry ginger tea
2 almond cookies
chamomile tea


I was pleasantly surprised at how well my diet worked out today. I felt like I had more energy than day one of eating 100% raw food.

I decided I wanted to work from the downtown Seattle library for the afternoon, which meant eating a bunch of food and then leaving with only fruit to eat for the next many hours, a somewhat risky proposition. But the fruit did the trick. I even walked 4 or 5 miles home in the evening and still felt fine before coming home and eating a walnut pate sandwich.

No cravings at all today either – although I will say it was a bitch going into the grocery store and walking by all the wonderful smells coming from the bakery, but that desire left as soon as it was replaced by the smells of the restroom.

Tomorrow I really need to make that hummus and sunflower pate…

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