Raw Food Journal: Day 3 of 10

24 Apr

Spinach Salad w/ Strawberry, Clementine, Cashew Chive Dip, and Parsley

Spinach Salad w/ Strawberry, Clementine, Cashew Chive Dip, and Parsley

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day Three

Here’s everything I’ve eaten on day three of my raw foods diet:

Meal 1
3 clementines

Meal 2
almond cookie
walnut pate sandwich

Meal 3
carrots, chive dip

Meal 4
big ass salad w/ spinach, clementine, walnuts, strawberries, chive dip, parsley, teaspoon olive oil

Meal 5
3 clementines
1 raw date & cashew bar

Meal 6
1/4 serving sprouted kale chips w/ chive dip
cup of strawberries


I’m really loving this raw foods diet experiment. I feel good and it’s just fun to try out so many recipes from my Raw Food Made Easy book. And eating 100% raw foods for ten days as a “trial” gives me the excuse I need to spend all the time and money necessary to make it happen, too.

Speaking of which, I took the plunge today and spent a ridiculous amount of money on a handful of specialty (aka prepared) raw foods, including:

  • kale chips (sprouted and dehydrated – and utterly delicious with the mock chive dip)
  • a raw cashew and date bar (good but not worth it for $2 – I’d rather just eat fruit)

And 3 kinds of crackers I can’t wait to try:

  • raw sprouted sunflower seed crackers, sunny garden herb crackers and pesto pumpkin seed crackers.

I also bought a really expensive box of organic medjool dates as this is a key ingredient in making many raw desserts from Raw Food Made Easy.

Total cost of said ingredients? $32. $32! Oh vey. But it’s worth it for this experiment. As delicious as they were for the first two day raw food trial, I don’t want to eat only nut pate dishes, fruit, and salad all week. Something crunchy and something sweet sounds great right now.

What’s killing me is that I do have a dehydrator for making raw flax crackers. But it’s back at home 3,000 miles away in an attic – how I wish I would’ve brought it with me to Seattle. The cost of preparing flax crackers with it is virtually nothing – all you need is flax seed and spices. D’oh.


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