Raw Food Journal: Day 4 of 10

25 Apr

Cream of Celery Avocado Dill Soup With Crackers With a Dill Hummus and Sunflower Pate Spread

Cream of Zucchini Avocado Dill Soup and Crackers With Hummus and Sunflower Pate Spread

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 4

Here’s everything I ate today:

Meal 1
1 clementine
black tea
bites of food while “cooking” 🙂

Meal 2
Cream of zucchini soup
pesto cracker w/ jalapeno zucchini hummus
pesto cracker w/ sunflower pate
2 clementines
blueberry acia green tea

Meal 3

Meal 4
raw portobello mushroom stuffed sunflower pate (1/4 cup)
spinach salad w/ parsley, carrots, strawberry, 1 TBSP sunflower pate

Meal 5
kale chips


Couple thoughts for today:

Have I Been Eating Too Much Raw Nuts AKA Fat?
I’m concerned I’ve been eating too many nuts so I’m cutting down on the number of pate sandwiches I eat. The question is – will I be hungry without all the easy calories and fatty goodness that nuts provide?

Made Lots of Stuff to Eat
I spent over 3 hours making a bunch of dishes today, including:

  • cream of celery soup with avocado and jalapeno
  • cream of zucchini soup with avocado and dill
  • jalapeno and garlic zucchini hummus
  • dill and garlic zucchini hummus

The zucchini avocado dill soup is really great and is definitely something I’ll be making again. The “hummus” is tasty in its own right but bears little to no resemblance to the hummus made from cooked garbanzo beans. I really do like it though as a dip for carrots, something to spread on crackers, or to use as a salad topping.

Emotions and Food
I was super frustrated having spent the whole evening trying to buy a cell phone only to leave empty handed  – turns out everything is closed on Easter. Hitting up the grocery store after this was interesting as I could feel the pull for comfort food – beer, bread, chips, pizza, etc. I compromised and spent $6 on a bag of raw kale chips, but it was interesting to “see” live and direct the relationship between emotions and food. For a moment there I really wanted to buy some beer and something wholly unhealthy and delicious – like a cheese pizza.

Less Mucus
I tend to have an abnormal amount of congestion and a need to blow my nose after eating meals. Yet I noticed on Raw Foods Day Three that my sinuses seemed clearer than normal. Now I can tell for certain that this is true and my sinuses / allergies are considerably clearer. I’m excited to see where this goes. It will also be easier to gauge once going back to cooked foods – if I see an immediate increase in being congested then I’ll know for sure there’s a relationship here to eating cooked foods versus raw foods. This is exciting to me because I hate being congested and I always am!

New Territory
I’ve done a few random one or two day raw food trials over the last year, but now that I’m at the end of the day 4, this is the longest I’ve ever gone without cooked foods. I’ve wanted to go on a raw foods trial for years so I’m really pumped to finally be doing this!

2 Responses to “Raw Food Journal: Day 4 of 10”

  1. Robert Waltz April 25, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    Wow that’s a serious diet, my brother is a personal trainer and even he doesn’t eat that good! He does recomment that you stay as raw and natural as possible, eating clean low fat foods. This was really hard for me, so I decided to buy a barbeque, and even though I’m not eating as raw as I should, it has kept me away from the frozen crap loaded with sodium we all know and love. Just my thoughts.

  2. Ben April 26, 2011 at 7:05 am #

    He’s probably got me beat the other 355 days of the year. 🙂

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