Raw Food Journal: Day 5 of 10

26 Apr

Raw Portobella Mushroom Stuffed with Sunflower Pate and Tossed in Tamara

Raw Portobella Mushroom Stuffed with Sunflower Pate and Tossed in Tamara

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 5

Here’s everything I ate today as part of my raw vegan diet experiment:

Meal 1
banana w/ 1 TBSP almond butter
3 clementines

Meal 2
spinach sald w/ parsley, strawberry, drizzled with zucchini hummus

Meal 3
sprouted cracker w/ sunflower pate
sprouted cracker w/ hummus

Meal 4
2 portobello mushrooms stuffed w/ 1/2 cup sunflower pate
1 clementine

Meal 5
3 clementines
1/2 cup strawberries


This is surprisingly easy. It’s occurred to me to extend it but I’ll cross that line when I get there.

3 Responses to “Raw Food Journal: Day 5 of 10”

  1. katie April 27, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    wow. you go! i’ve been doing raw food for awhile now and i still can’t get myself to create things from recipes. your menu sounds super good. i just juice a whole lot, or just eat foods whole. haha. good luck!

  2. Ben April 28, 2011 at 3:09 am #

    Hi Katie!

    Without recipes, do you not get bored with just eating fruits and veggies? I know for me, personally… I think the whole KEY to this is making all those delicious dips and pates to mix things up. (FYI all my dishes are from Raw Food Made Easy.) Plus I get a kick out of preparing all these dishes.

    Re: Juicing
    It’s kinda funny you mention juicing because I’ve been obsessed with my juicer on and off ever since I got it maybe ~ 8 months ago. I thought it would make doing a raw foods trial much better but I haven’t even used it yet. The main reason? I get sick of cleaning the damn thing, even though it only takes a couple minutes.

  3. Papillon Therapeutic Massage November 1, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    I love this recipe! I love the non-cookbook that it came from, too. I see this post is from a while back… are you still doing raw foods? What are you favorite recipes? I posted a modified version of this on my facebook page.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Papillon-Therapeutic-Massage/293453777107?sk=wall I plan to post more raw food stuff on there in the future, just because it keeps me motivated. You are more than welcome to check them out. I would love to hear more about your raw food journey as well 🙂

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