Raw Food Journal: Day 6 of 10

27 Apr

Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl. (Yea, I'm running out of cool pics.)

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 6

Meal 1
2 bananas with 1 TBSP raw almond butter

Meal 2
spinach salad with hummus drizzle, parsley, and cilantro
cream of celery soup

Meal 3
2 walnut pate sandwiches
2 cookies

Meal 4
3 clementines

Meal 5
1/2 cup raw pepitas w/ cayenne and salt


I went way too long without eating this afternoon as I was busy at work and I felt so out of it. Note to self: don’t go 5 hours without eating. Esp. when your last meal was a salad!

Was really in the mood for something crunchy and salty – like popcorn or chips – and that’s when I realized I had a bag of raw pepita seeds. I have never had these before and turns out they are really good. I tossed a few drops of water on them so the spice would stick and then added salt and cayenne and right now it is hitting the spot.



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