Skeptics Penn and Teller on Near Death Experiences, Dreams, Out of Body Experiences

5 Aug

This is a great 7 minute video connecting dreams, near death experiences, and out of body experiences.

It comes from Penn & Teller’s popular show, kindly known as Bullshit.

(That should give you a hint about what sort of opinion they have about NDE and OBE.)

If that puts you off, at least check it out the centrifuge test experiment videos! It looks like something from Clockwork Orange or maybe some secret CIA torture research. WTF!

Too bad Penn’s voice is annoying and he always sounds like an asshole, even those times when he might be right.

Best quote from the video:

“Near Death Experiences are just another form of very vivid dreams.”

Too bad they don’t allow this guy to elaborate much on this.

Note: Here’s another skeptic video on NDE/OBE’s.

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