Sleep Masks for Girls

25 Jul

Dream Essentials Snooz Silky Soft Sleep Mask

Pink and soft, this is the cheapest sleep mask you’ll find.
Softly cushions your eyes without any pressure. One Size Fits All, Washable.

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Laura Dare Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Mask

A Cute Girls Sleep Eye Mask from Laura Dare.
Pink Polka Dots and Ruffle Trim, 100% polyester, One Size Fits Most.

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Silk Sleep Mask from Spa Sister

A light and comfortable sleep mask.
Available in assorted colors: Black, Celery, Fushcia, Green, White, Bronze, Gold, and Lavender.

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The Sleep Master Sleep Mask

The number one selling sleep mask – over 50,000 sold!
Hand washable, contains no latex, hypoallergenic sleep mask. Soft, cool to touch, comfortable satin fabric. Compatible with CPAP users. One size fits all. Blocks out light and minimizes sound. Includes FREE ear plugs.

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Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask

Unique Contoured Design for Great Sleep.
Available in Royal Blue color. Light weight, comfortable, soft design that effectively blocks out light. Uses thin strap for extra comfort.

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Pink Animal Sleeping Mask for Girls

The perfect sleep eye mask for little kids!
Hand-washable, made wirth satin, nylon, soft cotton fabrics, light weight, adjustable, and comfortable. Perfect for kids.

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