Solar Powered Watches

30 Jul

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Casio Solar Powered Watch – WS200H

A Popular Digital Sports Watch
Water Resistant, Solar Powered, Alarm Clock, Stop Watch, World Time Feature, Digital.

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Citizen Eco-Drive Railroad Stainless Steel Watch

Light Powered Men’s Watch – Fueled by Indoor Light OR Sunlight
Sleek, Contemporary Design, Stainless Steel, Water Resistant. Model BM8180-54A

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Citizen Eco Drive Leather Watch

Classy Leather Watch – Powered By Sunlight OR Indoor Light
Leather, Water Resistant, Light Powered, Gold Tone, Black. Model BM6574-09E.

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Casio Tough Solar Powered Tide and Moon Stainless Steel Watch

A Tough Japanese-Quartz Men’s Solar Watch from Casio.
Solar, Water Resistant, Timer, Alarm, Stop Watch, World Time, Stainless Steel. Model WS210HD-1AVCF.

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Casio Ana-Digi Tough Solar Alarm Sports Watch

A Classic Men’s Watch with Analog and Digital Time
Solar Powered, Analog Time, Digital LCD, Water Resistant, Alarm, Stopwatch, Dual Time Zone, Calendar.

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Casio Pathfinder Atomic Solar Watch

A Sharp Looking Digital Atomic Men’s Solar Watch.
Solar Powered (1 charge = 5 months), Thermometer, Digital Altitude Tendency, Atomic Time Keeping Fucntionality. Compass, Built-in Altimeter, Alarm, Stopwatch, Calendar, World Clock. Model PAW1100-1V.

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Citizen Eco-Drive Military Solar Watch

A Black Plated Steel Solar Military Men’s Watch
Solar, Military, Large Bold Numbers Make It Easy To Read, Analog Display, Canvas Strap, Water Resistant. Model BM8475-00X.

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A Watch Whose Time Has Come…

Doesn’t a solar powered watch just make sense?

It’s an idea that I instantly fell in love with when I heard about it. Being that I spent a lot of time outdoors walking, and especially now that as I type this it is summer and about bright and sunny at around 72 degrees outside, it’s easy to imagine how clever wearing a watch that’s powered by the sun really is.

How Does a Solar Powered Watch Work?

You’ve probably seen a normal battery watch before. They’re like a small looking coin, silver in color, and made out of lithium. And being that they contain only a finite reserve of energy, eventually they will have to be replaced or manually recharged.

Solar powered watches, on the other hand, use a solar powered battery that will harvest energy on its own via the sun, and thus should never have to be replaced. These watches are naturally recharged via solar energy.

Somewhere on the top of the watch there will be a set of small solar cells. These solar cells will convert solar energy into electricity. This electricity is then charged into the battery. A rechargeably battery can often be recharged about 1,000 times.

Pretty cool, huh?

How Well Do They Work?

The question really is “Do you have to be in the sun all the time?”

No. You do need to let it charge occasionally, of course. But many watches hold the charge quite well. In fact, this watch from Casio can stay on for an entire year once it’s charged.
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