Some Cool Dream / Consciousness Links I’ve Recently Found

11 Nov

There’s some really neat blogs and websites I’ve discovered recently that I want to share:

  • The Dream Studies Portal: mumblings in the realm of dreaming, culture, and consciousness
    The author behind Dream Studies has credentials that include an MA in Consciousness Studies and a Certificate in Dream Studies from John F. Kennedy University. How cool is that? It’s awesome to see this intersection between academia and dreams getting more attention.
  • Dream Flesh
    I get this sense of excitement reading Dream Flesh. This guy has big plans and most importantly, acts upon them. Looks like he just published a book and redesigned the site entirely.
  • Skeptico: Science at a Tipping Point
    Mainly a podcast blog. The agenda states, to “…explore the possibility that the existing materialistic paradigm might be overturned (and may already be at a tipping point).”
  • The Rapid Blip
    A bookmarking wiki site with LOTS of great topics, including lucid dreaming. There is a TON of stuff here to check out.
  • Streams of Consciousnes
    A new site with a blog, articles and links, about research being conducted in Consciousness Studies and Dream Studies.
  • Professional research articles on Dreaming
    An EXTENSIVE collection of research papers and articles by professional dream researchers. I believe these are all from the Lucidity Letter. Hosted by Spirit Watch, a site run by researcher Jayne Gackenbach, who is also the author of the most excellent book Control Your Dreams.  I’ve just discovered this articles index and I am almost overwhelmed at the amount of interested material to read here!


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  1. The Mad Hatter November 14, 2007 at 5:08 am #

    That last one is ridiculously long. Perhaps extensive isn’t powerful enough. I am going to comb through that whenever I need information.

    Thanks Ben!


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