The Stainless Steel Juicer: 5 Good Juicers

7 Jun

Looking for a stainless steal juicer under $200? Below we will take a look at some popular juicers at a respectable price that I think you should consider when buying a stainless steel juicer. Let’s get to it!

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The Amazing Jack LuLanne and His Sweet Juicer

Probably the most well known juicer out there is that of the Jack Lulanne variety. This man made and sold a bazillion of his stainless steal juicers before passing away – not to mention inspiring generations of every day people to live healthier lives. For that I salute him!

How Much Should You Spend for a Juicer?
For those with a reasonable mid-range budget, the Jack LuLanne Stainless Steal Juicer is not a bad deal at all. But it’s certainly not the most expensive – or best – juicer out there.

But keep in mind, unless you plan to juice constantly, you don’t really need an $800 juicer. You can easily get a good one for under $200. For the purposes of this guide, we will focus on juicers under $200 and also a few between $200 and $300.

I think this is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a juicer for thats a respectable amount of use – anywhere from casual to a couple times a week.

Why “Stainless Steel”?

Good question.

It basically just comes down to durability and quality.

It also means it should be easier to clean, assuming it’s built in such a way that makes it easy to dissamble and clean. =)

Stainless steals also mean dishwasher safe too – a nice perk, and something I definitely recommend paying attention to when buying a juicer.

5 Stainless Steal Juicers Worth Your Time

1. The Jack LuLanne Power Juicer Pro – You Know You Love It
As mentioned, this the most well known juicer on the market. It’s efficient and gets almost all good reviews on Amazon – and just about every has one of these juicers it seems like!

If you are new to juicing or curious, this is the perfect juicer to start with.

It retails at $200, which means you can often find it on sale for as low as $150 with free shipping.

Click here to read reviews and find the lowest price.

Hint: also check the USED prices at Amazon, as sometimes you can get it for more than 50% off this way!

Click here to find USED Jack LuLanne juicers.

2. The Omega 9000 Juicer – A Step Up Into the World of Juicing

I am a huge fan of these juicers from Omega.

Personally, I own the Omega J8003 and love it – but it’s not made of stainless steal. Review coming soon! But back to the Omega 9000…

It’s made with surgical stainless and plastic and gets rave reviews all around. The price tag is a bit more than the Jack LuLanne, but congrutations – you’ve just passed into the territory of “real juicers”. 🙂

You can buy the Omega 9000 between $200 and $300 from most juicer shops or vendors.

My favorite of this comes from Amazon where someone writes, in a mix of happiness and desperation, that after ridiculous amounts of research and finally getting the Omega 9000, that “THIS IS THE ONE.”

Right on.

Also – it comes with a 15 year warranty for free.

Click here to read reviews and find the lowest price.

3. That Cheap Stainless Steel Juicer from Sharper Image

I’m including this one on the list – because, well, sometimes you just want to spend a little money and see what something’s about before spending anymore. Or maybe you want to buy this as a gift and you think it’s a waste of money to spend any more than $100 – because as we all know, lots of people start juicing and then just…stop. Permanently.

Anyhow, this is belongs to that strange class of super cheap “Juicers under $100” so of course it’s from a clever brand like Sharper Image. This is a 700 watt juicer with dishwasher safe parts made with stainless steal. It gets decent but mixed reviews, which makes sense for the price.

Click here to read the reviews on Amazon and decide for yourself.

4. The Acme 6001 Juicer – A Solid, Respectable Machine

This quiet, easy to clean, solidly designed juicer get’s rocking reviews for it’s price range. It’s commonly sold in the $200 to $250 range, making it one of the more expensive ones on this list – but it’s also got a great reputation and 5 year warranty.

What’s amazing though is how many people buy these juicers and use them for…forever? Check out the reviews on Amazon and you’ll see what I mean. Review after review you’ll find people talking about how they’ve juiced like crazy with this thing for years – one person for 35 years and another for 30 years. This is simply amazing.

You can do everything with this juicer – from using it as a simple carrot juicer to juicing hard to soft veggies and fruits.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed buying this whether you’re new to juicing or an experienced green health enthusiast.

Click here to find the lowest price or read more reviews.

5. Breville Juice Fountain Elite

If you want to spend slightly more money, here’s a juicer definitely worth considering: the Breville Juice Fountain Elite.

Cost: Between $300 and $400.

Click here to read more reviews or buy this juicer.

Check out this video from to learn more or click here to read all about this juicer.

Click here to learn more about this juicer.

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