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Quickscreen At Home Drug Test Accuracy

10 Jun

How accurate are the Quickscreen at home tests? According to the manufacturer, these tests are 99.9% accurate. This puts Quickscreen at home drug test accuracy on the same level of accuracy as tests conducted as a hospital, drug clinic, or other medical setting. In other words, as a parent you have the ability to run […]

The Swab Drug Test: Testing Kits and Information

6 Jun

Quick Summary Fast facts at a glance: A swab drug test is one of the most stringest and reliable drug testing procedures available. Parents can buy a mouth swab test, also called a saliva test or spit test, over the counter without the need to involve a doctor, medical professional, or expensive laboratory testing. Test […]

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Urine?

1 Jun

How long does alcohol stay in urine? Look below for the answer as well as tips and products for removing alcohol from urine. [ReviewAZON asin=”B0034QZNO0″ display=”inlinepost”] [ReviewAZON asin=”B004CMMP3C” display=”inlinepost”] How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Urine? About 24 hours. But the real question is how long can it be detected via a sample of urine? […]