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Carnival of Dreams, Mysticism, Near Death, and Out of Body Experiences: First Edition for October 2007

5 Oct

Welcome to the First Edition of Dreaming Life’s newest Carnival. I got many awesome entries this time around that I’m psyched to share with you. I was much more selective about what was included and what was not, so rest assured, you’re only getting the best of the best here. Thanks to all the bloggers […]

Inner Exploration Carnival: 1st Edition for June 2007

19 Jun

Welcome to the first edition of my Inner Exploration carnival! This carnival is dedicated to sharing blog posts related to dreaming, lucid dreaming, spirituality, and exploring the mind, body, and soul. 2 months and 33 submissions later, we’re ready to roll! (33 submissions? Where’d the rest go? Truth is I had to weed out some […]