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Dream Journaling : July 20 2011

20 Jul

Thought it’d be fun to journal on some my dreams lately. Maybe this will help spur me to habituate a dream journal again like I used to do on the regular. A Golden Worm in My Tooth Dream There’s a pain in my tooth and I go to look at it in the mirror to […]

Dream #4: A Very Symbolic Dream of Fighting & Reconciliation

8 Jul

Photo by Marisa

It’s rare that I have a dream whose meaning is so easily and obviously symbolic to what’s going on in my life in such blunt terms. This is one of the most literal dreams of that sort that I’ve had.  This dream is about problems my girlfriend (at the time) and I were having in […]

Dispatches in Dream Interpretation: My First Dream Work Class

10 May

This week I went to the first of four Dream Work classes I’m taking at this new age Christian church in my town. These classes are based on the teachings of Jeremy Taylor and also to some degree on Carl Jung. So what is dream work? Essentially, we sit in a circle and share a […]