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Free Online Books, Journals, and Newsletters on Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, and Psychedelics

3 Jul

This page will be updated regularly with links to FREE online books, journals, and newsletters related to dreams and lucid dreaming, entheogens/psychedelics, and brain/consciousness/mind stuff.. You’ll find entire books released in PDF format for download and viewing (and printing), or books published online that you can read over the web. I’ve also included links to […]

One of the Best Books On Lucid Dreaming… (that you’ve probably never heard of)

12 Nov

Control Your Dreams takes in a much wider scope than, say, the wonderful books on lucid dreaming written by Stephen LaBerge. Authors Jayne Gackenbach and Jane Bosveld tackle lucid dreaming at many, many different angles. While they explore the basic concepts of dreaming, what dreams are, interpretation, and techniques for working with your dreams on […]

Exploring The Dreaming Universe with Fred Alan Wolf

28 Oct

This book is one hell of a ride. I kept scratching my head, wondering to myself just what the hell this book is ultimately about. Wolfs writing is expansive and wide-reaching, and he is not scared to venture into speculative conclusions as he speaks about near death experiences, lucid dreams, God, quantum physics, the Aboriginal […]