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The Detox Drinks FAQ

4 Jul

Detox drinks are used to cleanse, mask, or remove the body of drug metabolites and other chemicals in urine that are associated with the presense of illegal drugs. In my research on drug testing it’s become clear that an actual, organized frequently asked questions about detox drinks would be very helpful to a lot of […]

Ambien Drug Test FAQ

3 Jul

I’ve compiled an Ambien Drug Test FAQ to try and resolve the many questions surrounding ambien and having to take a drug test. The short answer is: it’s highly unlikely that ambien is going to show up any drug tests you’re taking. For the details, read on. Ambient Drug Test FAQ Will Ambien show up […]

Fake Urine?

27 Jun

Believe it or not, there is a small niche industry built around supplying people with fake, sythentic urine in order to pass a drug test pull a funny prank. Wait…pull a prank or scam your drug test? Which is it? See here’s on the deal on that: Technically it’s all bought and sold as a […]