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Raw Food Journal: Day 10 of 10

1 May

Raw Vegan Cake

  A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 10! Here’s everything I ate on my last day of eating 100% raw foods. Meal 1 Mango Meal 2 Salad Greens w/ 1/8 cup pepita seeds, 1 TSP olive, basil, cilantro, roma tomato Meal 3 2 cups grapes 2 sprouted crackers Meal 4 1 apple Meal 5 […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 1 of 10

22 Apr

Raw tabouli garnished with clementine.

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 1 Today was my first day of ten days where I’ll be eating 100% raw. The only drinks I will consume will be water and tea. Raw Foods Menu Here’s what I ate today: breakfast meal 1 2 bananas with almond butter black tea lunch meal 2 raw […]