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Is Dreaming Like Tripping?

17 Aug

Sweet Home Under White Clouds by tipiro

  Today’s discussion question is a great one and touches on the sneaky relationship between different states of consciousness. Here’s the big Q: “Is dreaming like tripping?” I think the answer is simple: yes, there are definitely similarities between the two states. In my own experience studying and working with my dreams, including taking drugs […]

Does Masturbation Effect Lucid Dreams?

10 Aug

Attention! Every Tuesday, I’ll be answering questions from readers about dreams or anything else we talk about here on Dreaming Life! And guess what? 🙂 I’d love to hear from you, too! Send your questions using the contact form here. Thanks! AHHH -now here’s a question that’s sure to generate some interest: “Does Masturbation Effect […]

Can B6 Keep Me Awake At Night?

3 Aug

Insomnia by Smiley Stew

  People interested in their dreams have long noted the fascinating relationship between Vitamin B6 and dreams. My own interest in dreams is no exception: one of the earliest blog posts I ever wrote about documented my dream reports after taking B6. It’s something that still intrigues the hell out of me to this day. […]