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Chad’s DXM Report # 2 : “I realized that tripping is a beautiful process of mind revealing itself to mind…”

9 Oct

Dark Side of the Moon by Jorgiim

  This last Sunday I made another trip / experiment with DXM. This time I purchased four bottles of the Robitussin Cough Gels for a grand total of 1200 mg of DXM. I made a few mistakes. I always make sure that I’m doing well both physically and mentally before I trip. The truth was […]

Chad’s DXM Report # 1 : “My mind felt as if it were floating away from my body”

8 Oct

Photo by Kyle Kruchok

  First the basics of a good DXM trip. Found this out by a mixture of web research and personal experimentation. 1. Check your local drug store for Robitussin Cough Gels. These are ideal for tripping purposes. You don’t have to worry about getting sick by having to drink a lot of nasty cough medicine […]