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24 Jul

Erowid NewsletterA few months ago I officially became a member of Erowid, the most popular website on psychedelics and altered states of mind.

I’ve used this website for years. I love it and I always said when I could, I would donate money to them, and so I finally did. 🙂

A bit after I joined, I noticed something shocking when visiting: google ads! Ahh! What?
Erowid’s been up for more than a decade and they’ve NEVER had any ads. From what I gather, they’ve always been against putting any ads up. They’ve been able to run solely through donations, which is awesome – but I guess this is no longer true now that they get 50,000 visitors a day, or 9 million a year.

If you go to any of the experience reports, (my favorites lately are the Ketamine, DMT, DXM (cough syrup), and Calea Z experience reports) you can see the ads on the right. It’s kinda funny as many of them are the sort of ads you see if you do a google search for phrases like “buy vicodin no prescription” or “buy drugs online no prescription”. I’m guessing it’s precisely that kind of thing that kept them away from putting ads on their page for so long.

Anyhow, my point of posting this here is just to get the word out on Erowid’s funding troubles. If you become a member, not only do you get the pleasure of having the membership credentials to prove you’re a genuine drug geek, you get some free stuff, like a tshirt and a subscription to their newsletter.

For $40 I got the newsletter and a shirt with the image below. Check out the donation page for the rest of the designs!

The Tshirt I got from Erowid

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