TENS 3000

28 Jul

The TENS 3000 is an amazing device for pain management. Below you’ll find both a guide and an introduction as we review this best selling TENS unit, as well as information on finding the lowest price, replacement pads, and the TENS 3000 manual.

What is the TENS 3000?

The TENS 3000 is a portable, affordable pain management device. It uses electrical stimulation to treat pain naturally without drugs. Specifically, it uses something known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, hence the name TENS 3000.

What is TENS therapy and How Does it Work?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

TENS devices transmit low voltage electrical impulses through electrodes attached to the skin. This electrical current goes through the skin to stimulate the nerves.

How to Use the TENS 3000

To use the TENS 3000 follow these simple steps:

1. Attach the electrodes on or around the area of pain.

Be sure machine is OFF when applying electrodes.

Gently wash the area of the body with soap and water and/or the skin preparation from your doctor, then dry completely, before applying electrodes.

Excessive hair may be clipped using scissors. Do not shave the area where stimulation will occur.

Sometimes it’s more effective to NOT place the electrodes directly in the area of pain but nearby it. For best results, test different placements of electrodes. Please see the warnings below on areas not to place electrodes.

The TENS 3000 offers you the choice of either 2 pads of 4 electrode pads. Use as many pads as is comfortable.

Turn machine on once electrodes are in place.

2. Adjust the frequency and voltage settings as desired.

The most common range used for pain treatment is 90-130 Hz.

3. Adjust the duration settings to set up how long the session will run.

Common session lengths include 15 minutes and 30 minutes.

4. Adjust the intensity of electric stimulation as desired.

5. When session is over, turn machine off then remove electrodes.

Remove electrodes by pulling in the same direction as hair growth.

If desired, apply lotion to area where electrodes have been removed.

Always consult the manual for complete instructions.

How Does the TENS 3000 Relieve Pain?

There are two schools of thought on how electrical stimulation works to relieve pain.

1. Electric stimulation therapy causes the body to release endorphins.
This theory states that when the nerves are stimulated with electricity, the body reacts by releasing endorphins. As you probably know, the release of endorphins is associated with pleasure and a sense of well-being.

Using the TENS 3000 unit at a lower frequency in the range of 2-5 Hz is thought to cause endorphin release.

2. Electrical stimulation therapy causes the body to “scramble” the pain signals being sent to your brain.
This theory states that electrical stimulation causes an interruption in the pain communication signals between your nerves and your brain. In essence, it “scrambles” or interrupts the sensation the tells your brain that something is in pain. In this way, electrical stimulation removes pain.

Using the TENS 3000 unit at a higher frequency in the range of 90-130 Hz is thought to interrupt these pain signals.

Note: This is the range most commonly used for pain management and treatment with the TENS 3000 machine.

How much does the TENS 3000 cost and where can I buy a TENS 3000?

In order to keep this price up to date, please click here to find the lowest price on the TENS 3000 unit..

How often do I have to replace the electrodes?

They can be used up to twenty times before needing replacement.

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TENS 3000 Technical Specs

The following technical information applies specifically to the 3000 machine.

TENS 3000: A Portable Pain Relief Machine

Channel: Dual Channel
Pads: 4 Electrode Pads
Adjustable Pulse Amplitude: 0-80 mA.
Peaks at 500 ohm, per channel.
Adjustable Pulse Rate: 2 to 150 Hz
Adjustable Pulse Width: 30 to 260 microseconds
Maximum Pulse Charge: 20 micro-coulombs
Voltage: 0 to 40 V
Session Timer: 15 minutes, 30 minutes
Battery Type: 9 Volt
Battery Life: Roughly 50 hours

Please consult manual for complete technical data sheet. You can download TENS 3000 manual here.

Note that the the TENS 3000 unit is sold only to licensed health care providers or to individuals who have a prescription from a licensed health care provider to buy a TENS 3000.

Recommended Resources and Studies

Safety Notes

  • Do not apply electrical stimulation to the following areas: carotid sinus nerves, throat, neck, mouth, eyes, genitilia, over the heart, on swollen skin, infected skin, inflamed skin, cancerous lesions, lesions.
  • Individuals with heart problems, pacemakers, or heart disease should not use the TENS 3000.
  • Pregnant individuals should not use the TENS 3000.
  • Consult manual for complete safety information.

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