TENS 7000

28 Jul

The TENS 7000 is the latest device for portable, at home pain management using electric stimulation therapy. After compiling our popular guide to to the TENS 3000 and receiving questions on the 7000 model, we decided to answer those in the form of a new guide specific to the TENS 7000 unit, which is what follows below. It’s a bit shorter than our previous guide to the 3000 model since some of the backgrounds information was already covered there.

Enjoy and please feel free to ask questions or add your comments and experiences below.

What is the TENS 7000?

The TENS 7000 uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to treat pain.

What is TENS therapy and How Does it Work?

For this answer, please refer to the TENS 3000 guide.

Fast Facts, Features, and Benefts

TENS 7000 machine overview:

  • Provides pain relief without drugs
  • Excellent for controlling chronic pain and acute pain associated with:
    • back pain
    • joint pain
    • muscle pain
    • labor pain
    • sports injuries
    • post surgical pain
    • headaches and migraines
    • cramps
    • arthritis
    • sciatica
    • phantom limb syndrome
  • Machine has 5 different modes: Burst, Modulation, Constant, MRW, SD, Bi-Pulse
  • Built in timer allows for easy session settings
  • FDA approved
  • Dual Channel set up allows you to use either 2 electrode pans of 4 electrode pads all at once
  • Features an easy to read LCD screen
  • Comes with a 3 Year Warranty
  • Can Be Clipped to Your Belt for Easy Portability
  • Purchase Includes 4 Electrodes

How much does the TENS 7000 cost and where can I buy a TENS 7000?

To keep this accurate and up to date, please click here to find the lowest price on the TENS 7000 model.

How Does the TENS 7000 Relieve Pain?

The TENS 7000 relieves pain by jamming or overriding the pain signal between your brain and the area of pain being stimulated. For a more thorough look at the science behind this, please see this link.

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