TENS Pads Replacement

2 Aug

ESA Medical Premium 40 Pack Electrodes – 2×2

By Pro-Patch.
Self-adhesive, Reusable TENS replacement pads.

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16 Pack TENS Electrode Pads

From LG MedSupply.
4 packs of 4. Up to 30 uses per pad.
VERY inexpensive, click below to see price.

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40 Pack – 2×2 Reusuable Carbon Electrodes

10 packs of 4 electrodes each.

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16 Pack 1.25 Inch Round TENS Pads

Reusable. 4 Packs of 4. K200 Series.

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Large 2×4 Electrodes with Tyco Gel

By ProPatch.
2 Packs with 4 Pads each, 8 total, large 2 inches and 4 inches size.

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Also Available – TENS Electrode Gel

Post TENS pads replacement, don’t forget to buy electrode gel.

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel

A Non-irritating, hypoallergenic electrode gels for TENS, ECG, and other equipment.

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Electrotherapy TENS Electrode Gel

Pre-TENS Skin Prep Gel

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The electrode pads featured on this page are suitable for any TENS or EMS unit, including the TENS 3000 and TENS 7000. All orders shipped through Amazon for best possible customer service. Some items available from Walgreens.

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