The Detox Drinks FAQ

4 Jul

Detox drinks are used to cleanse, mask, or remove the body of drug metabolites and other chemicals in urine that are associated with the presense of illegal drugs. In my research on drug testing it’s become clear that an actual, organized frequently asked questions about detox drinks would be very helpful to a lot of people so I decided to put this together. Hopefully it will continue to grow as people visit and leave comments.

Note: Please contribute your experience or anything you think is missing or incorrect by adding a comment. Also feel free to post questions in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions About Detox Drinks

What are detox drinks?
Any drink sold for the purpose of “cleansing” the body of “environmental contaminents and unwanted toxins.”

In real talk, this means a drink that will make drugs undetectable in a urine sample that would otherwise be caught or detected in a drug test. Usually this means marijuana.

Are detox drinks illegal?
Using any product to manipulate the results of a drug may be against local laws in your area. (Please add a comment if you are familiar with any such laws in your area.)

Note that all drinks are officially sold for novelty purposes only and are not intended to be used to break any laws.

Military and government employees could face problems if caught manipulating a test with such products.

What happens if the lab detects a problem?
If the lab suspects foul play, they will either automatically fail the test or dismiss the test and require a new one. This could be the results of a tests that show massive dillution, high amounts of creatine, or the sample is determined to actually be fake urine.

Do drug detox drinks work? Do GNC detox drinks work?
Yes and yes but not without following the directions. Pay careful attention to the instructions that come with the product: follow them 100%. This means paying attention to things like when to drink it, how much time can pass in between drinking it and taking the test, what to avoid before taking the product (for example, vitamins, large meals, headache medicines, etc), how much water you should or should not drink beforehand, how much you should urinate before the test, as well as if the product is specific to moderate users, extreme users, your weight, and so on. The majority of people unhappy with results failed to follow the directions.

For those interested specifically in GNC drinks, take a look at this guide for GNC products to pass a drug test.

Where can I find the instructions or directions for use?
They should come with it, i.e. On the packaging, inside the packaging, or online. If you can’t find them, don’t just guess! Try googling the name of the product + directions / instructions For instance, if you’ve got the QCarbo32 drink and need the instructions, try searching for “QCarbo32 instructions” or “Qcarbo32 directions”.

Where can I buy detox drinks?
The two biggest distributors are probably the aforementioned GNC and then of course at megasites like Amazon.

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What are some popular brands and products?

Here are 4 few well known brands. Click on the name to buy, read reviews, or learn more about it.

What about just drinking a lot of water or sweating a whole lot by sitting in a hot tub or suana?
That’s not going to work. But you knew that already, right?

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More answers to come for:

What if I still fail my drug test?
How do I get a refund from the company if the product didn’t work?
What do detox drinks taste like?
What ingredients are inside a typical detox drink?
What’s the best detox drink?

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