The Niacin Flush Drug Test Technique: WTF

3 Aug

Thinking of pulling the ol’ niacin flush drug test trick? Here’s some things to think about.

Overdosing on niacin is a real possibility here.

We all get a good laugh from headlines like “Morons Overdose on Niacin While Trying to Beat a Drug Test” (thank you Wired), but the point is that you really can overdose trying to flush your system with large amounts of niacin, AKA vitmin B3.

A niacin overdose will fuck you up.

Here’s a quote from someone advocating a niacin flush:

“When your skin starts to burn like hell, that means its working.”

That is truly scary advice. It also means your overdosing and your body is saying “What the hell have you done to me?”

Symptoms of a niacin overdose or niacin poisoning include:

  • burning sensation
  • rash
  • itchiness
  • liver failure
  • heart palpitations
  • vomiting
  • blurred vision
  • blindness

There’s no scientific evidence it works.

There’s no research or studies to back up this claim. It’s all anecdotal. Supposedly the idea started with a book published by – get this – L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology – who promoted the idea of taking niacin as part of a personal detox program to clean out the body. This suggested that niacin will remove drugs from the body, and thus the idea of a niacin flush that spread around the underground as a way to pass drug tests. At least that’s one theory as to where this idea came from. Fast forward to the present and people say it works by removing THC from fat and that niacin speeds up your metabolism, thus breaking down THC faster and removing it from the body.

What about people who said it worked for them?

There seems to be cases where people took niacin and then passed a marijuana drug test (along with others saying it did NOT work for them). If you look at a lot drug forums you can’t deny finding these threads. But it’s rare to find someone who did nothing other than take niacin and it’s impossible to say what it was that led to the test results. Usually people also stop using marijuana as soon as they find out a test is coming, drink enormous amounts of water, drink vinegar, urinate as much as possible, and exercise a lot with the idea of sweating out the unwanted toxins from their system. Could it be the combination of a couple days of sobriety plus everything else worked for them? Yes, definitely a possiblity. Could it be that they just got lucky? Maybe. But it’s impossible to say and considering the risks with overdosing on niacin, not to mention how easy it is to buy GNC products to pass a drug test, doing a niacin flush is crazy.

And finally…

Even Erowid says it doesn’t work.

Erowid, the godfather of all non biased drug information on the internet, even says “there is no evidence at all that this works.”
Read it on Erowid here.

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