The Shaman’s Dreamtime – My Diet with Ajo Sacha Tea (Introduction)

18 Mar

Here Juan introduces us to his Ajo Sacha diet in Peru. This is an intro to his full report.

Currently I am studying a shamanic approach to lucid dreaming in Peru which involves working with a variety of sacred and medicinal plants which are both teachers and guides to the dreamworld.

In the shaman’s world, all realities are considered to be dreamed realities. So we have the sleeping dream and the waking dream and we are creating both of them.

The medicinal and sacred plants I am working with are an indigenous science here which have been practiced for over 5,000 years. Plants are the oldest form of life on the planet and they are considered by the shaman to actually be a form of life superior to humanity in the evolutionary scale. Plants have infinite wisdom since they have been on the planet so much longer than humans *and co existing peacefully*.

As a result, many of the plant intelligences are so highly evolved that they are now assisting humans in their evolution. Just as some humans mission in life is to be a teacher, some plants also are “Teacher Plants”. All plants have spirits so you could consider them to be spiritual guides. They teach us in the spiritual world, or if you prefer, the dreamworld, and they do this by appearing in your dreams symbolically as characters or energies that your subconscious can understand.

This process can be quite complex. For example, working with the teacher plants here is actually called “dieting with plants” or “La Dieta”. All of the plants have specific personalities just like people. They have likes and dislikes and preferences as well for the manner in which they teach. In general, the plants do not like smoking, drinking alcohol, or certain foods such as pork, spices, meat of any kind (with the exception of fish), etc. In other words, when you diet with a plant, you refrain from ingesting all of these foods since the plants do not like the way they effect your energy. Hence, the term dieting with plants.

I just recently did a diet with a plant called Ajo Sacha which was incredible! I dieted with this plant for 7 days. Everyday I would be alone in solitude and the shaman was the only person I would see. Daily, he would bring me a tea made from Ajo Sacha as well as a diet of smoked fish without any spices at all, as well as fruits to eat. After drinking the tea, I would become very sleepy and then drift off into the dreamtime. In the evening, the shaman would bring me another diet of fish, fruits and juices, as well as a very concentrated mixture of Ajo Sacha which I bathed in. The lucid experiences I had in one week were so extensive that I was simply unable to write them all down. Fortunately, I had an MP3 voice recorder so I was able to record all of the experiences in my own voice while lying in bed without forgetting too many of them. Currently, I am reviewing all of my recordings and writing a paper about the experience which I will post just as soon as I have it completed.

This week I am dieting with another teacher plant called chacruna. All of the plants dissolve the borders that seperate the waking dream and the sleeping dream. A good anology for how this works on one’s consciousness would be to view the borders between worlds to be an onion. While there is no single plant that peels the entire onion, each plant you work with specifically peels one layer of the onion. So by the end of the dieting process with various teacher plants, all of the illusions seperating waking life and the dreamworld have been completely dissolved.


November 2006

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  1. Rasselas21 November 28, 2009 at 5:27 am #

    Hello, Here are some links for info/sales of Ajo Sacha… (wiki article on Ajo Sacha (also known as Parul, etc) (only place I found this herb, although NO mention of it’s dream/spiritual abilities here… They might not actually carry the product, but it is listed on the site, and if enough people request it, they probably could stock it. Ask if it’s useful for dreams, just to make sure it’s the right product.)

    As indicated, it would be helpful if Juans would give the Latin (scientific) name for the plant he consumed.


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