The Swab Drug Test: Testing Kits and Information

6 Jun

Quick Summary

Fast facts at a glance:

  • A swab drug test is one of the most stringest and reliable drug testing procedures available.
  • Parents can buy a mouth swab test, also called a saliva test or spit test, over the counter without the need to involve a doctor, medical professional, or expensive laboratory testing.
  • Test results are nearly instant after a sample is taken by inserting a swab into the mouth and taking a sample of saliva.
  • Compared to other popular at home drug testing kits, such as urine tests, a swab test is a lot like a hair follicle test – it’s very hard to adulerate or otherwise “tamper” with the results. Because of this it is a very popular option for parents when drug testing their teens.
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Drugs Tested in a Saliva Test / Swab Test
What drugs are tested depends on the product and what it’s made to test for. Swab kits are labeled as a 5 panel, 6 panel, 9 panel, or 10 panel drug test. This term indicates the number of different substances the test can detect.

For example, a 5 panel swab test will detect the presence of 5 different drugs and a 10 panel swab test will detect the presence of up to 10 different drugs.

Most kits will test for the 5 “basic” drugs:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamines
  • Amphetamines

The 9 and 10 panel drug kits then usually add the following items to the list:

  • PCP
  • Barbiturates
  • Oxycontin
  • Benzos
  • Alcohol

There are also dedicated tests that exclusively and only test for a single substance, such as a cocaine swab test or an alcohol swab test.

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How Do You Perform The Test and Read the Results
Instructions vary slightly from product to product, but generally boil down to 2 simple steps:

1. Place the swab strip into the mouth to collect the sample. Depending on the product you buy, this could mean underneath the tongue or in between the persons gum and cheek.

2. As the sample is conducted, results begin appearing indicating the presence of drugs (or not). Results are indicated by a line appearing next to the listed substances. When a line appears it means that this substance has not been detected.

To be clear:

Line = Negative for Drug Test
No Line = Positive for Drug Test

Note: Be sure to read the instructions for the specific test you are using.

Reliability of Swab Tests
Swab tests are extremely reliable and the potential for contamination is small as the testing device and the results all work at once – i.e. for a home test, you get results as the sample is being taken.

Results are Hard to Manipulate or Fake
Unlike a urine test in which a person could possibly use fake urine or some kind of GNC pills to pass a drug test, swab tests cannot easily be manipulated.

Sanitation and Privacy
Compared to urine tests, there is a clear benefit in sanitation and privacy issues in collecting a sample of saliva from the mouth versus collecting a urine sample to be tested.

Swab Drug Tests in Comparison to Urine Tests

Urine tests are usually cheaper to if you are looking to buy drug tests in bulk.

Ability to Fake or Manipulate Results to Pass a Drug Test
Urine tests are easier to manipulate via so-called “detox drinks”, like the QCarbo32 drug test drink, or “herbal cleanse pills” sold at vitamin shops such as “UrineLuck.”

Sanitation and Cleanliness
By default, there are more sanitation issues to deal with in a urine test versus a swab test, and for this reason alone, many prefer the cleanliness and ease of testing saliva versus handling urine.

Detection Length
Urine tests can detect marijuana used within the past 3-4 weeks, while a saliva sample can only go back 2 days for marijuana and all other substances being tested for. Other drugs vary in their detection length with a urine test, mostly only going back to a few days.

Quickness of Results
Both types of tests give you results practically instantly i.e. within a few minutes.

Comparison to Hair Follicle Tests

Hair follicle tests are more expensive than swab tests, thus making the saliva testing method a cheaper alternative to hair testing.

Faking or Manipulating Results to Pass a Drug Test
Swab drug tests are often preferred by parents who need to ensure the reliability of the test when manipulation is a concern. Hair follicle tests are also very hard to manipulate, so in this regard they are generally equal.

Length of Detection
How Far Back Can They Detect Drugs?
1. Hair follicle tests can detect the presence of drugs dating back to many months.

2. Swab tests can detect the presence of drugs dating back only within 48 hours.

Time it takes to Get Results
How Fast Do The Results Come After Testing?

1. When you can buy over the counter hair follicle tests, such as the Hair Confirm Test Kit, Regular, the results are then mailed in to a lab for official testing. While these results are generally available in under a week by checking online, it still means you’re waiting up to a week for results.

2. Swab drug tests get results in a couple of minutes – literally, while the sample is being taken, results begin appearing on the test strip.

Buy a Swab Test / Saliva Test

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