Toddler Pillow

6 Aug

Toddler Pillow

A Best Selling Child/Toddler Pillow
14 inches by 20 inches, perfect size for toddlers and kids. Cotton/polyester Cover and 100% polyester fiberfill inside.
Compatible with all AB Lifestyles Toddler Sheet Set pillowcases.

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Hyperoallergenic Toddler Pillow

A 100% Hypoallergenic Kids Sized Pillow
Keeps dust-mites away from the eyes and nose, mite-proof, antimicrobial, machine washable.

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Toddler Satin Pillow

A Super Soft Satin Pillow Perfect for Toddlers.
10 inches x14 inches, polyester pillow, satin cover

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Natura Organic Toddler Cloud Pillow

A Best Selling Organic Hypoallergenic Cloud Pillow for Kids.
Hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture resistant.
Contains no harmful gasses, dyes, bleach, or toxic materials. Organic cotter cover, organic wool fill.

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Child-Sized Body Pillow

Lil’ Snoogle Toddler Body Pillow
Blue Star Design, doubles as a nursing pillow.

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Cloud B Plush Aroma Pillow Sleep Aid

Fantastic Sleep Aid Pillow for Kids and Toddlers
Natural Lavender included in scent pouch to gently assist in sleep.
Machine washable pillowcase, surface washable cover. Removable inner pillow.

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Toddler Pillow

Somebody buy this kid a toddler pillow! 🙂

Photo by Jessica Merz

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