Update: Lucid Dreaming in 2 Weeks: a MILD Technique Experiment

27 Jan

2 weeks have passed and I’ve had a few interesting experiences and observations since I proclaimed I would practice MILD every night. (Disclaimer: I admit, I didn’t do it every night, but almost!)

One effect I noticed is that heavily focusing on having a lucid dream can be a trying ordeal. You can’t push yourself too hard; the subconscious seems to reflect this by pulling back and not giving you want you consciously aim for. Some nights I had no dreams (which is very rare for me) and one dream seemed to be a mockery of my intent to have lucid dreams! Sheesh! I’ve read about this happening a lot to folks on the DreamViews board too, so I’ll take it in stride knowing it’s part of the normal progression towards lucid dreaming.

I have been writing all my dreams down again for almost the whole month and this works wonders in increasing dream recall. I’ve been able to extract more meaning from my dreams lately, noticing some highly symbolic stories that parallel with what’s happening in my waking life. It’s very neat to actually see something of meaning so clearly come to you in a dream. I’ve also seen some sparks of progress towards falling asleep while mainting awareness. This is very exciting and would be a superior means of controlling dreams as opposed to other techniques like MILD or WILD.

And what about actually HAVING any lucid dreams?

Well, I’ve had 2 instances of lucidity as in the last two weeks.

One resulted from a false wakening where things looked out of order and then it hit me it was a dream. I tried to increase lucidity by shouting ‘”Increase lucidity now!” I read about others doing this to much success but it didn’t work so well for me on account of that fact that I didn’t have much of a voice in the dream. 🙂 It was like I couldn’t make any real sounds.

The other lucid dream came about from a dream reality test where I was able to unattach and reattach my finger from my hand. This looked semi-real and very strange, almost like a scene from a movie where someone was piecing together bad memories.

Unfortunately both of these dreams didn’t last long at all – the description above describe the whole dream. But these small successes are a starting point, right?

3 Responses to “Update: Lucid Dreaming in 2 Weeks: a MILD Technique Experiment”

  1. Oneironaught February 24, 2007 at 12:14 am #

    Congratulations! You’re on the right path. False awakening dreams are a good sign that your occurence of lucidity will increase. I agree with you on the problem of MILD. It’s hard to stay focused while falling asleep. Just remember these key points: While falling back asleep intend to have lucid dreams and really try to see yourself becoming lucid in the dream you remembered. Good luck!

  2. Zataod February 24, 2007 at 12:14 am #

    Ben, it sounds like you are doing great. I haven’t had much in the way of lucid dreams for at least a couple of years. Reading your accounts is reminding me that there are many things I could be doing to return to regular lucid dreams.

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