Using Vitamin B6 for Dream Enhancement and Lucid Dreams

30 Oct

Vitamin B6 Dream Experiments

Vitamin B6 Dream Experiments


Summary: Experimenting with doses between 150-400 MG over the course of 5 nights, I discovered that taking B6 in doses between 200-400 MG had an obvious effect on my dreams. They became aggressive, odd, vivid, often mean-spirited and disturbing. Only once did I experience a lucid dream.

Night One: 150 MG B6

I had really bad dreams, but I’m skeptical to contribute this to the B6.

Night Two: 200 MG B6

No discernable effects. I took the pills 2 hours before falling asleep and I believe this is why they had no effect.

Night Three: 200 MG B6

Took my B6 pills immediately before falling asleep this time, and I woke up just two hours after falling asleep with a dream fresh in my mind. I immediately typed up everything still lurking in memory from the dream world. My dreams were very detailed, odd, and unfortunately had no element of lucidity in them, except in the most round-about of ways as noted below.

“I’m running right on Western Boulevard. It’s night time. I’ve got blonde hair – it’s not me, it’s some really cheesy guy. It’s a movie actually. I’m doing all sorts of commando shit. A cop car comes out real quick, first turning away from me and then changing directions because they’re chasing after me. I’m jumping and hiding in trees. They’ve fired missiles at me and I’m able to jump around and dodge from them. The irony is that they end up striking the nuclear material I was trying to destroy. As if this is more of an interactive action movie than a dream, a crazy theme song is now playing. I say some poetically dorky statement ton how I came to destroy these nuclear weapons but the government ended up and destroying their own nuclear weapons in the pursuit of me. Insane rings of fire are wrapping out around me everywhere. These rings of fire (branches too? ) were spiraling up and wrapping around all over the place, with me jumping around them and on them, from one to another… the angle I’m seeing all of was like an action movie with brilliant graphics, like a badass comic book. I’m spiraling up & up and & up. If you’re quick and you’re watching the movie you’re able to jump all in the trees with all the fire wrapping around, and stay with him. At first I can do it but then it gets too fast.”

This part of the dream was particularly vivid. I cannot express how brilliant these rings of fire were and what it was like to be dreaming around them and through them. If only I could have become lucid!
Earlier parts of the dream involved my wife and I being involved in prostitution, pimping and drug dealing. This is the quasi-lucid element of the dream. I dreamt of how my dream was so messed up, and I try to get other people in my dream who seem upset by the dream content to write down their knowledge of the dream so I can compare notes and see if they really know what I dreamt. I wrote:

“Other people know how fucked up the dream I just had was. I try to get them to write it down before telling me, that way we can compare notes. I stress locations -don’t tell me anything now, just write down location and details – hoping that the gutter on Western and Avent Ferry would come up.”

Night Four: 300 MG B6

B6 for lucid dreaming?I know I had three specific dreams, but I only remembered one dream well enough to write it down. This dream was no fun at all. It shared the same theme of my dreams from the first night; betrayal, cheating, jealously. Probably planted by an email conversation I’ve been having with a friend on a related subject.

Night Five: 400 MG B6

I’ve read that around 1000 MG, B6 becomes toxic to the body. At less than half that I experienced chills and tingles throughout my body and woke up with a stomach ache. Because of this I’m not sure if this is a healthy experiment for me to continue.

This is unfortunate, because last night I experienced by far the strangest and most fantastic of dreams out of all these nights. This includes the first lucid dream experienced on B6, of which I wrote the following:

“I had a lucid dream when I first went to bed. By the end, it was quite scary actually. I just remember going to the bathroom in the dream and crossing a mirror and knowing I’m dreaming at this point. I try to breathe firmly and slowly to calm myself down in the dream. I can feel myself breathing in both bodies. I can’t really see myself too good in the mirror. I don’t’ understand the order of what happened next, but somewhere, I either felt a sense of sleep paralysis or imagined would it could feel like and this freaked me out, causing me to wake up. It seemed I really was for a moment in some sort of in between zone where my chest felt paralyzed. I believe this happened because before I went to bed I was reading about an experience with sleep paralysis on the message board.”

The rest of what I remember is largely one big crazy dream buffered with very scary, unpleasant and for a moment, quite magical feelings, such as the quantum physics elevator. Most of the dreams disturbing aspects related to killing animals that would then split into two animals, constantly regenerated themselves.

I wrote this about it at 1:30 AM, just two hours after I went to bed:

“I’m breaking up my dog Malcolm into two. I do not know why, but it needed to be done – this wasn’t an act of hate or cruelty. I’ve crushed him and he’s broken. I’m splitting him up, CRUNCH, pounding on him, putting my weight on him to crush him, and it’s like he won’t die. He keeps popping back into this little devil of an animal. This never really looked like Malcolm.

There’s this kitten that I’m trying to crush too – except this one comes back perfectly cute and small, with short gray fur nice to the touch. I’ve killed him over and over and every time he just regenerates – and once he comes back, I touch him and his head just fucking falls right off like it’s nothing. I do this a handful of times.

We’re really disgusted and frustrated; we don’t understand how they’re divisible and keep splitting up and regenerating. I’m outside and this one animal shoots out – it was particularly disgusting, horrid, and I believe Iryna called for me to take care of it. She/this woman and another are outside, it’s some sort of European-esque courtyard, with an elevator in the corner.”

Before going to bed I was reading theories on body/mind dualism, and materialism. The references to Aristotle’s thoughts on being able to conceive of the body as divisible but not the mind as divisible (thus the mind can exist without the body, he thought) crept up in this dream in the form of dead or dying animals dividing their bodies into two separate beings. Crazy!

At this point I must have entered the elevator which was taking me to work, because this is what I remember next:

“In the elevator it’s like a different world. The experience is very positive. Quantum physics has everything in two states at once. I’m tall and short. I can see a crazy reflection of myself in the walls. Erv is in there – I look at him and flex my body while making a face and joking around that he’s a brick wall because he’s so buff and strong. Malinda and I are saying this is what makes the job cool – cool stuff like this. I’m telling her how quantum physics allows for something to be in two physical states at once – like two different sides of the same coin – and then these two sides follow a different timeline, separately, but at the same they’re not separate. She’s saying how stuff like this amazes her but just loses her, however it’s parts of the job like this that are just so cool.”

I then get off the elevator and pass up a sushi lunch on the way to my desk to see what I have to do today. My work place isn’t the office building is truly is in real life – it’s more like a grocery store. Before I get to my desk I realize I don’t work here anymore, and I find it incredulous that I showed up and even interacted with some of my coworkers in the elevator and no one remembered that last week was my last day! (Which is true – I quit last week to start a new job this week.)

The last dream I remember – instead of writing it down in the middle of the night, I lazily – dammit! – continued back to sleep and wrote down only a few details upon waking, with the feeling that I really missed something big and important. The dream came to me with the title of ‘The Telepathic Universe’, most definitely a reference to the book I’ve recently read called The Dreaming Universe. The most compelling memory involves going through a looped sequence of events in which I’m fighting and attacking and pursuing some goal. The details changed every time but the overall structure of the loop was the same.

“An elevator door would open and I wouldn’t know what was coming out – it was a woman, and once I believe it was a lizard, and now I’m having images of men with bug heads – and as soon as the doors open I charged in and killed them. They disappear simply by my striking them. My present was then a circular block that opened with keys inside them, which I’d use to move on to the next thing. The keys were large and ancient looking, almost like novelty keys or keys you’d see in a videogame.

I cannot escape this feeling that there was much more to this dream and a very real reason why I awoke with this thought of ‘the telepathic universe’ in my mind. Could it be that each loop represented a sort of parallel universe and the keys connected them all? Oh if only I could remember!

Final Thoughts…

It blows my mind that two nights I awoke just two hours after taking the B6 and falling asleep having experienced very vivid dreams. I thought the way REM worked wouldn’t allow for such dreams to occur so early in the stages of sleep. What exactly then does B6 do to the brain and to the natural structure of REM occurrences?

For those who are able to easily gain lucidity when after taking it – congratulations, I envy you. This didn’t work for me, except for once, at a dose that I have serious considerations of its safety after repeated usage. I’ve read of many people who experience a lucid dream the first time they take a high dose of B6 – this is great! Yet I wonder what role the expectations placed on B6 has in experiencing a lucid dream. Can high doses of this vitamin inherently cause lucid dreams- and if so, what is it about B6 and the brain that causes this to happen? OR is there a placebo effect involved here? Could it be that what creates the lucid dream is not the B6 but the expectation that B6 is going to cause a lucid dream?

    Photo by Jason Rogers.

16 Responses to “Using Vitamin B6 for Dream Enhancement and Lucid Dreams”

  1. Wayne Smallman February 24, 2007 at 12:24 am #

    I’ve always had lucid dreams, pretty much as long as I can remember, anyhow.

    No one believed me when I said I could control my dreams, but now it’s more mainstream, I’m not considered quite as much a freak! 😉

  2. Ben February 24, 2007 at 12:24 am #

    I can remember my dreams effortlessly but I only have lucid dreams every now & then.

    You are so lucky!!!

  3. Wayne Smallman February 24, 2007 at 12:24 am #

    The thing is, I always assumed everyone else could.

    I remember all of my dreams long after I awake.

    I even get confused sometimes when I remember something and realize it never happened .. it was just a dream…

  4. Mad Hatter February 24, 2007 at 12:25 am #

    That’s interesting. I’ve used B6 for getting my recall back in shape, but not in those amounts. How do you stay asleep? Perhaps it’s the B12 waking me up. I’d be interested to know if those were straight B6 supplements or if they had B12.



  5. Mad Hatter February 24, 2007 at 12:25 am #

    I just checked, I was no where near those amounts. I am definitely wondering how you stayed asleep.

  6. Ben March 28, 2007 at 2:23 am #

    Hatter, sorry, a bit late here with my response but – I actually didn’t have any problems falling asleep after taking these amounts of B12. Did this happen to you? BTW these were straight B6 supplements (vegetarian capsules from GNC.)

  7. AvidTypist January 28, 2009 at 4:33 am #

    I have used b6 before (and continue to) I have noticed an increse in vividness but it doesn’t seem to help me become lucid.
    Thanks for the experiment it was a good read and helps confirm my suspicions.

  8. Ash February 26, 2009 at 12:09 am #

    This is amazing that others are having a similar experience. Since taking Vitamin B6, I have been having horrible dreams every night. I only take 50mg each day…but have experienced some of my worst fears enact themselves in my dreams. At least by readng this post, I realise that I am not the only one. Its interesting the effect that a Vitamin can have on the brain.

  9. Ben March 1, 2009 at 9:46 pm #

    I agree, it’s wild how a vitamin such as B6 can have a very obvious and very profound effect on your dreams. I’m curious that you’re dreams play out so negatively though – “…some of my worst fears enact themselves in my dream”. That sounds pretty scary. At the same time, I am fascinated with nightmares and horrible dreams in the sense of – what is this all about? Why am I having them? Etc

    You might also like this site:

  10. Brian November 17, 2010 at 1:17 am #

    this is an old post i just found, but i still wanted to comment, i am 16 years old and i have been fascinated with dream like behaviors and such, but i started taking B6 two days ago, the second night i took 3 100mg pills of B6 and became lucid once, this is my third night and i have already taken my pills, now i wait for bed time haha, but also another thing, writing As on my palms really help me become lucid.

  11. Ben November 23, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    Hi Brian!

    Thanks for coming by and commenting here on Dreaming Life. 🙂

    Glad to hear your B6 trials are having successful results!!

    Do the A’s stand for anything in particular? Are they your cue to perform a reality test?

  12. Max April 24, 2011 at 4:19 am #

    Well hello there Ben. I’ve lurked this website a few times before and never realized it was based in Raleigh! I have dreams about Western and Gorman St all the time.

    E-mail me if that doesn’t seem strange to you. I’d like to hear more!

  13. Ben April 24, 2011 at 6:24 am #

    Hi Max!

    That is too funny! I’m actually in Seattle right now but I just moved here from Raleigh a month ago. I bet it you were surprised when reading this to all of a sudden see a bunch of familiar street names! =)

    I saw just your comment now and had to respond but I’ll drop you a line soon. Cheers!


  14. Jordan July 7, 2011 at 4:18 am #

    I have been taking 400-600mg of B6 each night for the past two weeks or so, and have found it increased vividness and recall–my dreams are as weird and strangely real as always, however. The toxicity is said to be at 100mg, though, and I’m wondering if that’s a typo because I haven’t died yet. I have decided to take a two-day break considering that the B6 is water-soluble and will flush out of the system. I have not lucid dreamt with B6 yet, but the dreams have been extremely vivid.

  15. Ben July 7, 2011 at 5:17 am #

    Jordan I would definitely take a break at this point! Taking more than 500 mg per a day for an extended period of time is associated with the development of sensory neuropathy.

    Aside from that though, isn’t it amazing how crazy the dreams get simply from taking B6? When I was doing my experiment it was no doubt… there was a one to one relationship between taking Vitamin B6 and having really vivid, crazy dreams. They were so intense.

  16. Anna January 2, 2016 at 3:45 am #

    Look up orthomolecular medicine because the use of therapeutic doses of b6 is used to treat Pyroluria, along with zinc. But a definite telltale sign of one’s b6 deficiency is poor dream recall, or one having nightmares or even night terrors. Also, B6 neuro toxicity can cause tingling or numbness in fingers and toes. So in treating Pyroluria the way to get around this in severe b6 deficiencies is by substituting P-5-P, which is another form of b6 that crosses the BBB and does not cause the neuro toxicity, and is very safe cuz it too is water soluble. But, P-5-P is five time stronger than b6, so 50mg of P-5-P is equivalent to 250mg of b6. P-5-P is a bit more expensive but can be found online or at most health food stores, though never at Walmart, or seldom at grocery store pharmacies. Yes, B6 and P-5-P can both be taken together. I’m pyroluric and take a combo dose that is equivalent to 700-1000 mg b6; usually 100-150 mgP-5-P plus 100-300mg b6 , from late afternoon and into the night. Btw, never ever take minerals with vitamins! They compete, are then peed out and wasted, or are making you sick and you don’t realize it. Sweet Dreams! If they’re not, up your B6 until they are. Watch your zinc too….if you have white dots in your fingernails, you’re deficient in zinc. Get Tested! for great info too.

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