Walgreens Morning After Pill

26 Jul

What is the Morning After Pill?

It is the common name for Plan B, a type of emergency birth control containing the progestin levonorgestrel. It can be used 120 hours after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. That comes to 5 days but know that the sooner it’s taken the more effective it works.

Note that Plan B is not the “abortion pill” AKA RU-486 AKA Mifeprex . Plan B is used to prevent a pregnancy following unprotected intercourse. RU-486 is used to stop or terminate a pregnany from continuing to develop.

It might also be referred to by the following terms:
Plan B, Morning-after pill, Postcoital contraception, Emergency Birth Control, ECP, EC.

How effective is the Morning After Pill?

According to Planned Parenthood, Plan B One-Step is 89% effective when used within 72 hours. It is still effective up to 5 days, just not as effective when used beteween hours 72-120.

Can I buy Plan B at Wal Greens?

Yes.  Click here to go to the official “Store Locator” function at the Walgreens website. Enter your zip code to find the store closest to your location, as shown in the picture here:

Go to the official Walgreens site (link above) and insert your zip code to find the nearest store.

How old do I have to be?

For “Plan B One Step”: age 17.

For “Plan B:: age 18.

Note: Plan B One Step is replacing the original “Plan B”.

Source: here

Do I need a prescription?

If you are of legal age to buy it, you do not need a prescription to buy it from Walgreens or elsewhere. If you are under the legal age, you will need a prescription depending on what state you live. (Note: Currently looking for a state by state guide or reference link on this point; if you know of one, please contact me or leave this information in the comments. Thanks.)

Can men also buy the morning after pill at Walgreens?

Yes. There are no gender restrictions on a man being able to purchase it versus a woman.

How much does the morning after pill cost at Walgreens?

Cost varies between $40 and $60. This is usually for the generic version of Plan B.

Note it is sometimes available for free at different health clinics.

Where can I learn more?

Here are some websites where you can learn more from or about Walgreens / morning after pill documentation:

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