Wearing the God-Helmet for Out of Body Experiences and Alien Abductions

28 Jul

This is a fascinating 6 minute video into the research of Michael Persinger, inventor of the “God Helmet.” His research into out of body experiences, alien abductions, ghosts, and other “paranormal” phenomenon is predicated on the idea that these experience take place in the brain i.e. they’re an illusion and do not take place in physical reality.

To this end, he has invented a technique to stimulate the temporal lobes of the brain via magnetic pulses. The resulting device is known as the “God Helmet”, and in his lab people wearing it have experienced all sorts of wild and paranormal sensations – invisible presences, alien abductions, meeting the devil, out of body experiences and so on.

Since no one else in the room sees or experiences these things, this certainly lends evidence to the idea that the experiences are taking place in the brain and not in physical reality.

Personally, I have little problem accepting that out of body experiences (and associated phenomenon) take place within the brain. I’m open to the idea that I’m wrong – in fact I would LOVE to be proven wrong – but I’ve just not seen any solid evidence that points to the OBE as actually being a physically real experience.

Either way, I would love to be a subject in one of these tests and I fully support research into understanding what’s happening in the brain when we have mystical, out of body, and near-death experiences.


If we know how to physically manipulate the brain in order to experience out of body sensations, near-death experiences, the presence of (invisible) beings, aliens, demons, and angels, etc – does this mean that there is no value to these experiences?


4 Responses to “Wearing the God-Helmet for Out of Body Experiences and Alien Abductions”

  1. Jose P. July 30, 2007 at 9:24 pm #

    I don’t believe that this being proven true in the future would take away the significance of “paranormal experiences,” if you will, but that these expereiences will actually be even MORE significant, although in different ways.
    To understand the intricacy with which our brain responds to outward stimuli or to stimuli within ourselves is fascinating. I think that if these magnets show that our brain can literally make us “hallucinate” (in the real term of the word, the ALL ENCOMPASSING hallucination that takes control of all of your senses and even your sense of “consciousness” – not the way that some people see hallucination as simply being something visual), then if this power of the brain can be shown, it will tell us more about the way we think. It will show us just how easily and how frequently we fool ourselves unwittingly.
    The mind is a powerful thing, and I think that the understanding of the TRUE power of our mind will revolutionize every aspect of humanity.
    And, hell, if the God Helmet isn’t able to do that, we could still use it to trip out lmao.

    Great post as always man.

  2. Ben July 30, 2007 at 9:45 pm #

    More than verifying any idea like “are out of out body experiences real?” or “is telepathy possible”, my ultimate interest is in understanding how we THINK, how we MODEL REALITY, and what it means to be CONSCIOUS and possess a sense of identity and awareness. (These questions are what fuels my interest in dreams & lucid dreaming more than anything else.)

    To that end, I find it fascinating that we can replicate “paranormal”, mystical, etc experiences in a lab and study them from a neurological standpoint. The more we understand the mind, the better we can, as you say, “revolutionize every aspect of humanity.”

  3. lee August 1, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    The work of Dr michael Sabom , Dr.kenneth Ring and Dr.Morse has clealy validated that there is a domain of reality beyond the body that is compatible with human
    consciousness. Dr Saboms ‘ book Light at death documments the “pam Reynolds “case
    were a person with no eeg activity in the brain had a full blown Nde and described
    in detail surgical tools and instruments that are not commomly known. Additionally,
    dr. kenneth Ring provided evidence that blind persons can accurately see color and describe events out of there range of perception. It seems to the writer that no amount of proof will ever satisfy the skeptic.

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