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17 Mar

I’m often curious to know the behind-the-scenes info of blog/website administration, so I thought I’d share that with anyone here who is curious. Here’s the details for dreaming life : hosting, blogging software, advertising, promotion, and so on.

Hosting, Design, & Plug-ins is hosted by Host Gator and runs off on WordPress with a theme by Borja Fredandez.

I use the following plug-ins: StatCounter for WordPress and Simple Tagging.

Advertising Partners
I’ve monetenized Dreaming Life with Adsense, Firefox, and Google Pack Software. Adsense is easy to use but sometimes shows irrelevant, or worse yet, plain stupid advertisements. Firefox is the best browser out there so I love promoting that. Google Pack Software is also a really good product(s) and I’m amazed they give it all away for free, and at the same time pay websites for getting people to download it.

I Am Shaman : I’m proud to be partners with I Am Shaman shop. Best shop for salvia, calae z (dream herb) and a ton of other herbs.

Blog services/Registration/Promotion

Technorati : most important place to register your blog
Blog Carnival : open-mic night for bloggers

Good Blogger Resources

How To Build A High Traffic Website : by lucid dream enthusiast Steve Pavlina
ProBlogger : heaps of info for blog promotion and optimization

Other stuff: : service that lets me know if my site is down
statcounter : free site statistics : basic and useful html tutorials from the late 1990’s

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